Running Coltrane

Hey there! I'm currently working on a CLI tool to deploy WordPress apps to DigitalOcean. Check it out! It's free and open source.

The upgrade went great, spent about 10 minutes on everything. Here’s my version of a quick guide, assuming you have SSH access. Start off by disabling all your plugins through the wordpress administration panel and doing a complete backup (including database). Then load up your putty or whatever SSH client you are used to. My wordpress is running from /home/kovshenin/wordpress/ and here is what I did:

cd /home/kovshenin
gunzip latest.tar.gz
mkdir wp27
tar -xvf latest.tar -C ./wp27

This is to download the latest version of wordpress from the official wordpress resource, unzip it (gunzip) and extract (tar) to /home/kovshenin/wp27.

Next, just like the wordpress upgrade guide said, remove your wp-admin and wp-includes directories, and then copy the new files to the old location:

cp -R wp27/wordpress/* wordpress

You’re almost done. Launch the database update script by browsing to, and voila! Make sure you update all the plugins that you used and re-enable them. I’m just lovin’ my new dashboard!


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Konstantin Kovshenin

WordPress Core Contributor, ex-Automattician, public speaker and consultant, enjoying life in Moscow. I blog about tech, WordPress and DevOps.