Delete Cached Copy in Capistrano

Hey there! I'm currently working on a CLI tool to deploy WordPress apps to DigitalOcean. Check it out! It's free and open source.

Quick tip! If you’ve changed the Git repository for your project and deploying via Capistrano while using cached copies you might get a “doesn’t exist” error because your cached copy is still pointed at the old Git repository. You can fix this by manually logging into your application server, browsing to the shared directory and deleting the cached-copy directory. Capistrano will re-create it next time you deploy.

Oh, and if you’re not using Capistrano to deploy your web applications, you should. I wrote a great guide on how to deploy WordPress with Capistrano which actually comes in two parts. It’s an advanced topic but quite easy to follow if you’re comfortable with SSH. Hope you enjoy it ;)

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