Digital Memories into Real Life with Printsgram

Today I’m here to tell you about a startup, launched by some friends of mine in Istanbul a couple of weeks ago, called Printsgram. I’m a fan of “digital” myself and I like to keep things that way — no CDs, DVDs, long-term papers and photo albums in my house, especially after the move last weekend (which was terrible). Even hard drives and flash drives don’t seem to get along with me since I’d rather store my files in the Web (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Evernote), than on my PC or laptop, which is a single point of failure, I did data recovery from dozens of hard drives throughout my life ;)

But that’s me, besides I never said real (as in paper-real) photos and posters are useless. I think they’re useless in technical terms of “memories backup”, but they’re awesome as a decoration or a gift to a friend. As I mentioned, I moved to a new flat last weekend and my walls are still plain and boring, so I might as well lighten them up with something!

Okay now, back to Printsgram:

The service works by linking to your Instagram account, and then choosing your photos with a drag and drop interface. Saving your layout creates a print ready PDF file of your own design. Optionally you can show people what you have done by sharing small screen sized images of your design.

I’m not using Instagram any longer, especially after my transition to the Android, but I’m sure it remained a great service to store and share your photos, and now with Printsgram you can get those photos printed in several different layouts, including my favorite — the photo cubes :)

Digital Memories into Real Life with Printsgram

All the layouts are free for a limited time period (for the public beta stage I guess) and more layouts will be rolling out soon. Try it out yourself — Printsgram.

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