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274 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. помогите пожалуйста с созданием svn на РБК, никак не могу разобраться. Зарание большое спасибо.

  2. я и по этому прошу о помощи. никак не пойму с помощю какого вы терминала все это делали…

  3. Just some overall feedback: I am finding your site totally informative. It has a great balance of interesting casual writing, but also of facts and links. I am also glad you finally got an iPhone so now you may write more posts towards that topic.

    Keep on writing great content, you are building a good readership here!! Best of luck with it. :)

  4. Ok, after spending quite some time on your website it looks like you are a WordPress genius. Do you mind if I send you a few questions by email. I have a new WordPress site that is about ready to go, but I'm stuck with two small things.


    • Sure thing, Christopher. I've sent you an email to the address you provided in the comment form, hope it's correct ;)

  5. Hello mate!
    I'm just starting to create a blog for a project at university. Basically I just want to collect some news about the crisis in tibet from other websites.
    The problem: I would like to post the original sources URL in the grey footer box underneath each article in order to make sure everybody can find the place the articles have been published originally.
    My question: can I generate a field with your plugin that helps me with that? How would I have to do that? I just don't know where to start. Sorry to bother you with that. If you have time just drop me a line via mail. Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Carlo. Yeah, that's possible. I'll drop you an e-mail on Monday with some more info on how to do that.

    • Hi,
      please don't forget to mail me the info! THANK YOU!
      By the way: I get an error message sind I updated to the latest version:
      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /kunden/229194_1190/webseiten/tibetblog/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-custom/custom.php on line 78

      All the best,

    • Hey Carlo. Sorry gimme some more time. I'll email you I promise ;) About the error, yeah there might be a little glitch. Please try to download once more latest stable:… and install it again. Let me know if it works. In case it doesn't please write down your wordpress version, php and apache.


    • Hey. Thanks for the feedback. I've got two questions for you, which are pretty obvious. 1. Why would anybody want to Tweet out comments rather than the article itself? 2. What's wrong with the current method it's working.

      Anyways, you can manage to do this just fine without using the TweetThis plugin – custom functions. You still have to make changes to your comments.php and functions.php files of your theme. Check out the wp_list_comments template tag and its callback parameter. There's a good example in the codex of how to style your comments this way. You can use the same method to add a TweeThis button.

    • The answer to 1) is also quite obvious, I think. People like to boast about their own contributions. "This is what *I* think about this interesting article". Can't say it's a very popular feature, though, but I like experimenting, making it even easier for readers to promote my blog :-)

      And about 2), nothing wrong, really. Just thought there was a more elegant solution out there. I'll look into the wp_list_comments template tag as you suggest.


  6. Privet Konstantin!

    I contact you regarding AR-600 I discovered today. First thing I have to say is: why you don't do an english version of but I'm not contacting you to tell you this. I have a few questions about the development of AR-600, what do you use for perception and more precisely for localization? Has your team ever considered embedding a laser scanner in the robot, like the HOKUYO laser? I ask this because I'm ready to share for free with your company the laser based SLAM(Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technique I have developped, would you guys consider it interesting. You can check a few videos here:
    The first video is me walking around with a small HOKUYO laser attached to me, on AR-600 you would obtain something similar. The other videos is a new version of the algorithm working on a car to give you an idea of what kind of things it can do. The good thing about my SLAM technique is that first it works in any structured and unstructured environement, indoors and outdoors, no matter how dynamic the environment is (see video of the car). Then the algorithm only needs the scan data from the laser and no other input, does not need any mathematical model either, this is why it can work on humanoid robots too and I believe it has no equivalent. I'm doing this proposition because I love your country (my wife is Russian) and if I can bring something to the development of this industry in Russia I would be happy to do so. Please transmit my proposition to your team and if it is of any interest I will be glad to participate.



    • Hey Olivier, that sounds great! I will definitely send out an email to the lead developers of AR-600 and pass along your email address. Thanks a lot!

  7. Looking to move the widget from the sidebar to the footer where there is already designated space…but I can't find the code. Running WordPress 2.7.1 with magazine-type theme.

    Any and all help appreciated.

    • If you're talking about the Quick Flickr Widget plugin then you'll have to widgetize your footer area before you can put any widgets in it. You need to know some basics of wordpress theme development. I'll try and put up a little tutorial about quick widgetizing in the future, though everything's written in the WordPress Codex. I suggest you take a look at that.

      Thanks for the feedback, Sabrina.

  8. Hey just wanted to say thanks for adding the random function to the Quick Flickr Widget plugin. The plugin totally rocks now.

    • Hey Daniel. You're welcome. And thanks a lot for your feedback, it's ideas like yours that keep up my plugin development process :)

  9. Konstantin,
    Thanks for providing WP-Custom! I thought I'd let you know however, that you might want to think about changing from using short tags in your PHP because of incompatibilities. I had to spend about 30 minutes converting from <? and <?= so that I could use it on my host. I (like some others out there) have short tags turned off so as not to collide with XML declarations. Other than that though, I'm excited to get using the plugin. Email me if you want the converted code. Thanks!


  10. Hello,

    I think you provided wrong function ("wppostactivity()")here… I think it should be "wp_post_activity()", shouldn't it? Anyways, great plugin ;)
    What I suggest:
    -wigdet with recent active posts
    -query sorted upon a post activity
    -ability to add the text with a time stamp something like "Recent activity 6 hours agor" or "Recently activ 6 days 20 hours 4minutes and 22 sec ago" :P
    – label e.x."NEW STUFF" at the top left corner of the blog to display there was an activity on a blog from your last visit (but this one need some cache thing implementation)
    -maybe make some difference when there was an visit and when there was a change in a post and when there was new comment added

    GOOD LUCK :)

    • Hi Johnny. Thanks so much for your feedback! Yeah, must have been a typo there, sorry. I'll correct that ASAP. Thx for the plugin luv. Your suggestions are great, I will make sure to consider them in the upcoming release.


  11. Hey man,

    I use your "Quick Flickr Widget" but i think the random functions doesn't work well because it use the feed (the latest pictures) to generate this. So i'm thinking how to optimize this and have an idea. A function that takes all flickr tags and shuffle it than choose a randon tag. This function (retrieve_random_tag) i use to take a tag and use it to set the "$tags". Than random works fine to me. I think it's a cool improvement to your code, so if you want this function. Contact me.

    PS: I haven't done the options "random tags" in widget. Just put my function for my personal interest in code. But if you want, you can do this. (Add a checkbox, "Use random tag" and verify if it's true than use this function to generate the $tags option.

    UPD: Updating last post, i decided to try to do the options in widget and i did it. If you want to verify the modifications download it here. If you find something wrong, contact me (i want to have my code updated) and if you want use it on your code in WordPress Plugin Area.

    UPD: Change <code>$tagNumber = rand(0,$maxcount);</code> to <code>$tagNumber = rand(0,count($tags));</code>
    If you have less tags tham $maxcount, the code sometimes don’t select any tag with the modification always take one. PS: I didn't update it in the link

    Matheus Bratfisch ;)

    • Hey Matheus. Thanks a lot for your plugin feedback. Yeah, the random is taken from the latest 20 images in the current version of the plugin. Your code seems good enough, I will consider adding it into the next update together with the checkbox in the widget configuration.

      Anyways, please post to the Quick Flickr Widget page next time, okay? ;)


  12. Hi Constantin,

    Have you ever thought to localise your "Twitter Friendly Plugin".

    I can translate it in Turkish if you like :)

    Take care


    • Hey there Taylan, great idea buddy! I will get back to you as soon as we have a stable version of the plugin, ready for translations. Thanks so much for your help!


  13. Hello Konstantin,

    Great site, and is quite impressive! Would you please email me about a project I think you might be interested in? Based on your experience you are a perfect fit – let me know how much free bandwidth you have, I see you have a lot going on.



  14. Great Plug in (the twitter short url one) and informative blog too.
    Hey, what plug in are you using for the social bookmarking icons?
    I'm using sexybookmarks (for wp) but I don't particularly like it, I like your better!
    Did you write it yourself (I see you're a programmer/ developer)?

    Can we download it or did you custom make it?


    • Hello David. Thanks, glad you liked the plugin and the blog =) The plugin I'm using for the social bookmarking is called Sociable by @yoast. You can find it in the WordPress plugin directory, though it's a little bit tricky when it comes to Twitter links, there is no shortening at all. I did a quick modification and got compatibility with the Twitter Friendly Links plugin. You should read this post The modified version is attached.


    • Hey Adam, thanks, glad you liked the plugin ;)

      Anyway. No I decided not to touch the Tweet This plugin files, cause that wouldn’t work on updates. I’d have to contact the author and ask him to include some kind of fix or whatever, which is way too difficult.

      I went with the filters thing, before outputing the content, I do a regex search for status url and swap it with a new one, then return the new content. Well, works well and doesn’t require any changes to third party plugins ;)


  15. Hello

    Just wanted to thank you for your great help and advice….

    Also, I would like to combine your twitterFriendlyLink plugin with Twitsnip app
    at so that my site can get the juice instead of,, or, etc.

    Twitsnip is a great app that helps me tweet anything I find on any website I find.

    Can you think of a way to combine the two???? Please help if you can.

    Thanks!! JM

    • Hey Johnnie,

      You're welcome. I'm not sure I'll be able to combine those two, but one of the latest updates included the link relations and the shortlink meta support, so I hope that Twitsnip, and hopefully all the other (Twitter clients, bookmarklets & etc) find a way to work with those.


    • Thanks for replying….

      I understand.

      Are you referring to 'latest update' of TFL, or Twitter API?


  16. Hi there,

    I noticed that in WP 7.8
    customed fields are repeated.
    All of the custom fields that created with WP-Custom plugin displayed in addition as standart custom wp fields for each post.
    The plugin still works but I thought I need to mention it.

    Cheers, DS

    • Dmitry, it's 2.8, not 7.8 ;) And the WP-Custom plugin hasn't yet been adopted to the new version of WordPress. I'm still working on it, so stay tuned for a future release.


  17. I love you widget – just wanted to ask – How do I get a description of my photo when people click on the thumbnail? Also want to remove – TheRObeguy has posted a picture in each pic.

    THanks in advance for your help.

  18. I love the idea of this plugin, and it seemed to work fine when I first installed it last weekend, but it seems to have stopped working.

    The only thing that has changed since the weekend is I have posted a new page on my WordPress blog:

    This new page is listed in the #1 position on my TFL "list of short links" as , but it is currently coming up with a "Page not found" error when I try to browse there. Also, the other pages that were working fine as Twitter Friendly Links seem to have stopped working as well.

    Any idea what is going on? I would like to get these working for use with the "SexyBookmarks" WordPress plugin. Cheers,

  19. Love, LOVE the plugin. It's made a current site I'm working on for a client much easier for them to use. They did make a request recently though, that I'm having trouble getting to work with wp-custom.

    As it is, I had set up the custom fields with lower case letters (year, make, model, price). We have it set up to where they will display as such in each listing ("year: 1999, make:C&C, etc."). The client asked today if we could capitalize those entries that display in the listing. So I figure, "No big deal, I'll just go edit those in wp-custom." So, I go to wp-custom, click edit under the first field, capitalize the first letter, and then click "Save Field".

    However, instead of actually editing the current one, it made a new one. So, I had two "price" custom fields: one with a capital P, one with a lower case p.

    I looked around and can't find anything, and forgive me if I've just missed it somewhere, but, is there a way I can just edit the fields without it creating a new one?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Never mind…I did a little workaround. Just did this, instead:


    And it did what I needed to do.

    Great plugin! Thanks so much!

  21. I posted yesterday some help.. how do i get this twitter followers wordpress plugin to be IE8 compatible, it is not dispaying right in my sidebar.

    • Didn't test anything on IE8 and I know I should have, but I don't really have much time for that. I like to use the "Use IE7 rendering engine" meta tag for IE8, that might be a solution. Anyways if you don't go ahead and play with your style.css. It should be pretty straightforward.

  22. i have 3 different iframe offers. i would like a plugin that will allow each offer to rotate/change each time the page is refreshed. any help? thanks.

  23. I recently updated to 0.4.2 August 25th

    And I got this warning on the twitter stuff where the short link is usually found.

    Warning: call_user_func(twitter_friendly_links_inner_box) []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home/username/public_html/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 2936

    I replaced my user name with "username" for security purposes.

  24. running twitter friendly link 0.4.2 / wordpress 2.8.4 – In admin system / post editor is a box "twitter stuff" with the following message:

    Warning: call_user_func(twitter_friendly_links_inner_box) []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home2/kerrygar/public_html/ on line 2936

  25. Hi, I try to use your plugin for FLICKR but it doesnt work with WP 2.6.
    Have you a solution for me please ?
    Thanks you very much.


    • Well then I'm not sure I can tell you what the problem is … Try to remove the plugin, download it again and install. Other than that, sorry ;)

  26. Hi and thanks for a great website and service.
    I use your quick flickr plugin and have a question about adding more then 20 images showing in thumbnails. I would like to show 100 images from Flickr instead of the max of 20. Where do I edit this so it will work.

    Thanks a lot.

  27. I work on small projects that I want to do in the Microsoft Robotic. Since I have little experience with the MRDS I need help. If you are interested we could continum this conversation via e-mail.

  28. Hi Konstantin, what software did you use to produce the Twitter Friendly Links video? It really is very good and I'd be interested in producing something similar myself for other plugins.

    TFL is great plugin btw, I'll be recommending it from my blog shortly.

    • Hey there, thanks, good to hear that. I used simple screenshots for the slides and Sony Vegas for all the movement, effects and audio. The most used feature was "Crop" :) Hope that helps.

    • Hey there. I didn't close it, you just hit the spam filter which detected that you have two or more links in your comment. I check my spam box once a week or so, that's why the response has been delayed. Anyway, I've answered your question and you may check back on the plugin page.

  29. Hey, I want to update your Quick Flickr Widget for wordpress 2.8 to support multiple instances, and language translation. If I update the code and send it to you will you push the change on the WP Plugin repo?

  30. Hi man,

    I just downloaded your Twitter Followers plugin for WordPress.

    When I configure it I get this error on my page:

    "Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /storage/domain/users/044897/public/sites/ on line 474"

    Could you send me an email on what might be the problem and how to solve it?

    Thanks allot!

  31. Konstantin would you drop me an email with your portfolio and rates? We are about to launch a wp premium theme and looking for a person who will be responsible for a technical part. Thanks.

  32. Константин, здравствуй!
    Я начинающий веб-программист. То есть изучил php,mysql,javascript. Создал несколько несложных сайтов, но на собственной CMS.
    Смотрю, ты за 5 лет набрал достаточно много опыта. Хотел бы поговорить с тобой о том, в каком направлении двигаться, что сейчас действительно будет нужно и т.д. Если не против, то чиркни по почте.
    Я из Питера.

  33. привет.
    разбираюсь c oauth twitter api. твои статьи очень мне помогают в этом, но не могу понять одного.

    я пишу server-side бота, который постит из-под определенного аккаунта в твиттере.
    если в базовом апи мы могли просто написать:

    $t=new twitter();
    $res = $t->update('i am testing twitter.class.php');

    то с aouth-аутентификацией, я не могу понять каким образом связать бота с определенным акком. помоги плж врубиться в это!
    лучше мылом, спасибо)

    • RadaR, тебе прежде вчего нужно понять что значит OAuth и как это работает.. Погугли какие-нибудь схемки и картинки. Как только ты поймёшь как всё просиходит и зачем нужны oauth tokens и чем они отличаются от oauth access tokens то всё встанет на свои места ;)


  34. Nice start, simple clean efficient… Here are my suggestions and things I'd hope to see added…

    The message should auto include:
    – Senders IP address I'd like to see both the numeric and the reverse lookup if available
    – The senders browser agent
    – The support form should allow the user to enter name / email that would over-ride the default from their admin settings (their choice optional – considering some sites have multiple users – authors)
    – Every ticket needs to be assigned a unique ticket ID can be in both the subject and body
    – A way to specify additional mail headers – I use these to 1) thwart spammers 2) auto reply if a message is sent directly without the use of the form if the special header isn't there the message is declined and sent a response to use the form.
    – a copy of the support submission should be sent to the clients email address as well it makes them feel good ;)

    cheers! and thank you

    • You’re welcome – if you need someone to test or more feedback I’d be happy to help. I’ve actually been working on a similar plugin but only for personal use not being released. I use a combination of the IP address and the unix date time stamp plus a random number to generate a unique ticket ID. I put it in both the subject and the body, considering putting it in the header so the user can’t mess with it in replies.

      The best feature is adding the special header ID… all my forms now have a special hidden code in the mail headers so if mail is received without the special ID I just bounce it.cuts down on spam and forces the use of the form.


  35. Hi Konstantin,

    I followed your "Related External Link Plugin" link on the WordPress plugin repository as I noticed that production had stalled, and I wanted to show my interest in participation, if you wish to update it.

    I have a few ideas I want to run by you, so please send me email so we can discuss.

  36. HI Konstantin – my site includes a Platial map of death penalty opponents, but Platial have just announced they are closing. I'd like to replace the map with a map of my followers on Twitter or fans of my facebook page – either will do (though the facebook would be slightly preferable). I saw your app which is great but was wondering whether you would be prepared/able to develop a bespoke map covering all my Twitter followers (around 300 at the moment though I hope to start growing it shortly) around the world, which could be embedded in my site and, ideally in my Facebook page – and allowing people to click on these to find more information about them (a bit like does). Any thoughts on whether this might be possible, and if so what the likely costs would be (I am funding all this myself and don't have a large budget I am afraid).
    Kind regards,

  37. Hi Konstantin, I use your quick flickr widget. If you're interested I would like to add caching to it (simply store $out + a timestamp in an option and use that for a configurable amount of time). It would just add a few lines of code. Mail me if you're interested and I'll prepare a patch.

  38. Ref. your article: Create Your Own Automated Twitter Robot in PHP

    Do you have a working script that would do all you mention and setup a '' clone ?

    I'll be interested to buy the script.

  39. Hi,

    I found your Technical Support plugin very nice and useful, and I've started to add localization support to the source file so people will be able to translate it to their local language. Please mail me with your mail address, so I'll be able to send you the updated file for you next version.


  40. Hi.
    I was reading your posts about WordPress 3.0 and custom post type.
    I work for a small design agency in Belém, Brazil. I would like to ask: how do you deal with the "fat" WP admin interface?
    I was talking to a client who complained about the difficult in handling posts through categories (she said: "The problem is that sometimes I just forget to tick the category and just publish").


    • Fabio, well, it all depends on how well the clients understand the system and on how well the documentation is written. You can go ahead and write a completely different admin system based on the WordPress API to make your clients a little bit more comfortable, but that would mean rewriting some parts of the already existing admin, i.e. reinventing the wheel.

    • How do you deal with it?
      Most clients here doesn't understand the system.
      Also, documentation doesn't really work. People don't read it. Even if we teach them on how to publish the content, they just have a lot of trouble.
      I was thinking in something like "theming" the admin.

    • I am going to chime in here…

      There are different types of users: those who want to start a blog, but do not want to deal with any technical aspect of the blog, those who have technical background to run their own blog and write in their blog, and those who contribute to an existing blog as contributors. There are a lot of people that fall in the last category.

      The problem with most documentation is that they are not written with the end users in mind. Programmers and developers sometimes write in a way that presumes that every end user have the technical background or knowledge to follow them. I have seen a lot of documentation that has a set of instructions for users to follow. The problem is that the directions sometimes go from A and jump to E, without giving the instructions for B, C and D.

      The best way to deal with this is to create better documentation for end users. When the instructions are communicated clearly, most people can follow it. Of course, a well-written documentation can lessen the number of support issues that the webmaster typically supports. Not to hype, but I do offer documentation service to webmasters, which they use to support their end users.

      The issue of forgetting to tick categories happens naturally. WP typically makes one category the default and most posts ultimately defaults to it. In terms of work flow, what would be better is if there is some function that would allow end users, i.e (editors and above) to determine which categories they want to designate as their default categories.

      "Even if we teach them on how to publish the content, they just have a lot of trouble."

      I disagree. Depending on how they are taught and how the content is tailored to them, teaching will actually clear up issues.

  41. Question. Maybe its the theme doing it, but my followers widget is displaying everyone in a straight line down. IE, after 7 down it doesn't start to put them on the left or right in a block style. Any ideas why? (Or is that the theme doing it?) Thanks!

  42. Can you please contact me to discuss if we could work together on a few web development projects? My company outsources projects and we are interested to see if you would like to undertake some projects.

  43. Добрый день! У меня тут возник вопрос по поводу Twitter Friendly Links..
    1) Как избавиться от такого надоедливого сообщения в консоли WordPress:
    "Twitter Friendly Links has to rewrite your .htaccess file. Head over to the Permalinks section and click save."
    2) Грозит ли мне это чем-то, то что такой warning висит?
    мой .htaccess с правами 777, лежит в корне, всё равно не изменяется..
    тем не менее плагин нормально работет вроде бы, Twitter Tools постит в Twitter правильно

  44. Can you write a tutorial on adding additional Taxonomy fields for custom Post Types? There seems to not be a single one on the web — that I can find, at least. I assume edit_{$taxonomy}_{$field} is used to some degree.

    • As in, let's say I have custom Post Type Movie. Then I have a Taxonomy called Actor. Say I add "Tom Cruise." I'll want to associate additional fields with him. Say, Hometown. Or "Address." And then display that information on some page.

      Does that make more sense? Hard for me to explain.

    • I don't think that Taxonomy could have additional data. Only name, slug, description and parent. That's in the architecture, to make things simpler. Perhaps you should try post meta (custom fields) for your case.

    • Well it's easy enough to give ALL taxonomies additional fields. It's what edit_tag_form_fields is for. The problem is (1) it's doing it for ALL tags, not just my Custom Taxonomy, and (2) I can't get it to save these fields correctly.

      But given that I can get the additional fields to show up, I feel like it MUST be possible, just not sure how.

    • I guess it's doing it for the term (which is UNIQUE in the database), not taxonomy, anyways, never heard of it, maybe it's still experimental in 3.0, who knows, just make sure you write an article after you figure it out ;)

    • Heh, will do! If I figure it out, at least. I think I might just go the plugin route instead.

  45. Hi Konstantin. I've been reading your blog and I'm impressed with the level of helpful detail you provide. I've been a web developer for the last 5 years and a little while back I started a wiki for software developers called DocForge. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to hear your opinions on the site and how we can improve. Thanks!

    • For one second I thought you were Matt Mullenweg hehe ;)

      As for your website, there's not much I can say. What I realized is that you're trying to build a Wikipedia for software developers and system administrators, but you're not solving too much issues. Or are you solving them at all? Take a look at Stack Overflow. Joel and Jeff keep talking about Stack Overflow being a sort-of Wikipedia for developers. But the fact that it's Q&A, it's solving tonnes of issues, not just giving general info about some particular design pattern, caching method, etc. It actually deals with issues that people encounter in their day-to-day work, and that's what makes their posts/threads so valuable. And of course the fact that they're searchable.

      Anyways, I don't like MediaWiki ;)

    • Thanks for the feedback! I guess what I don't like about Stack Overflow is that I rarely find what I'm looking for. I find it useful on occasion, but no more so than any Google search. I prefer an organized reference, hence the wiki. I guess we are trying to be the wikipedia for software developers, but with as much detail as possible, so as you suggest we hopefully will help solve issues, just not from a Q&A angle.

      Your insight is very helpful and I'll keep it in mind. Thanks again!

  46. I'm hoping you can help me with a problem that I'm having with Twitter @anywhere. I want a tweet box where I automatically add my short URL for the page I'm viewing. What's the best way to do this? Do you have any example code?

    • Andy, I'm no longer working freelance. Though if you're interested we could give you a quote from our development agency. More details at

  47. Hi
    The Abraham library for Twitter is now two versions 0.1 and 0.2

    Which version are your scripts designed

  48. Would you be able to send me the Real Estate Custom Post types setup? I am wanting to develop this for a project it would be a good starting point

    I hope to hear from you soon


    • Chris, it's currently not in a state which I'd like to share, but perhaps I'll wrap it up in a plugin and release it publicly some day, so stay tuned ;)

  49. Hi – Great tutorial you put together showing how to use a pin & oauth.

    Problem I have is even when following your instructions exactly, I'm unable to send a subsequent tweet using my saved access token files.

    Here's the code – will only work first time. After that any subsequent test request says unable to validate (incorrect signature). Any idea?
    I'm using php on a windows box. Wonder whether there is anything strange the file_put_contents does to the tokens?

    $access_token = file_get_contents("access_token");
    $access_token_secret = file_get_contents("access_token_secret");
    echo "access token: $access_token and token secret: $access_token_secret";
    //i've checked the tokens are retrieved correctly!

    // Initiate a TwitterOAuth using those access tokens
    $oauth = new TwitterOAuth($consumer_key, $consumer_key_secret, $access_token, $access_token_secret);

    $credentials = $oauth->oAuthRequest(";, array(), "GET" );
    // Parse the result (assuming you've got simplexml installed)
    $credentials = simplexml_load_string($credentials);
    echo "Authorized as @" . $credentials->screen_name;

  50. feel free to email me if you like.

    I am really interested in how you got the icons to show up in your real-estate post_type. To date I have seen no information on how to do this, and it looks fantastic.

    Guessing it's probably to much to ask for the real-estate post_type template itself. While I have no need for real-estate stuff, seeing how you accomplished the icons would be great


    Please keep up writing the articles, they are fantastic! I come back almost daily to see what you are writing about.

    • Shawn,

      It is, err, very simple to get those icons, really ;) but anyways, as I mentioned above there is a chance that when the real estate plugin is fixed and tuned and ready for publicity, I'll be able to release it, so stay tuned and thanks for reading my blog ;)

      ~ K

    • Ozh, replied to you by e-mail. You might also want to filter posts by the 'wordpress' tag, as I sometimes blog about other stuff ;)

      ~ Cheers, and thanks!

  51. We'd love to interview you on our weekly WordCast Conversations podcast about your innovative work with WordPress. We'd love it. Thanks.

  52. I specialize in helping commercial tenants find space here in North County of San Diego so I'm interested in learning how much you had to pay for your 50 st.m. of space. Here the rent would be about US$1,200 per month.

  53. Константин, день добрый.
    Занимаешься ли ты созданием плагинов для WP на заказ? Как с тобой можно связаться для уточнения деталей?

  54. Константин, добрый вечер. Не подскажите куда копать?
    1. Создал кастомный тип "А"
    2. В настройках просмотра установлена статичная страница "Б" для просмотра записей блога.

    При просмотре записей кастомный типа "А" выставляется в меню как принадлежащие "Б". Куда копать, скажем что бы при просмотре А как будто "родитель" страница "В"?

    С уважением.

    • I resolved my question:
      add_filter("pre_option_page_for_posts", array(&$this, "pre_option_page_for_posts"));
      And in function pre_option_page_for_posts($value) – detected my custom post type and taxonomy, and set my ID page

  55. Hello Konstantin,

    I read your articles on custom post types in WordPress, but they are a bit beyond me. Is it possible that I could pay you to create a few customer post types for me? If I provide the outline?

    Please let me know!



  56. Hi, for the "contact form 7" plugin, I just want to know, is there a way to make the message box a visual editor? so people can add links to the message box in the form?


  57. Hey! Great site! I just had a question about custom post types, as you seem to know quite a lot! What I'm trying to do is set up a site for a friend. What he needs to be able to do is select a bunch of posts, in a list, and assign them to a page.

    So imagine, you make a series of articles, that are post-type "Foo." Then, in another post-type (we'll call it "Bar") you want to select, from a dropdown list, a Foo-post to publish. Then another. Then another. Basically, a Bar-post type is just a unique compilation of Foo-posts.

    Do you have any idea how I might be able to build something like this?

    Большое спасибо!

  58. Hey Konstantin. Not sure if you read my last message, but I'd love to chat about some custom work; I'm having trouble and have a small budget for development.

    Hit me with an eMail when you have a chance!

  59. Hi Konstantin,

    This is not web related at all, but I am helping some friends/clients find office space in Moscow, and like your company, we fall in the small business category. We have not been able to locate a place that's within our price range, or locations less than 200 sqm (we are only looking for 100sqm) and I was wondering if you can recommend the real estate agency you used (or the area where you found a good deal).

    Please feel free to email me to respond.


  60. Hey,

    I read your posts regarding your PHP Zend Certification. I had a question. Do we need to pass individually in all the 12 topics? I failed in 1 topic in the Practice Test, but it still showed 'excellent' in the overall results.

    • Adam, no, but the mock exams show you which parts you're not so good at. Use that information and go through the topics again and again, until you reach excellent results.

  61. Hey Kovshenin, thanks for your reply. Could you shoot me an email with your hourly rates and portfolio? That'd be great. Thanks.

  62. Hello Kovshenin!

    I've got a proposal for you. Please send me an email if you wanna hear about it. Thanks! =)

  63. Константин, нужна Ваша помощь. прочитал материал Google Docs API: Client Login with PHP and Curl, и хотел бы увидеть продолжение)
    а именно, как закачивать файлы себе на аккаунт, а затем скачивать в формате doc.

    все это работает на ПХП, а цель – возможность редактировать закаченные юзером docx and doc файлы…

    • Миш, примеры есть в гугл, а реализация на PHP не будет отличаться от других языков, поскольку в конечном итоге всё равно используется curl.

  64. Hey Konstantin,

    I really enjoyed your article on counting facebook fans using php and have found it very helpful but is there a way to insert a variable in the place of your_page_id that way I can do a lookup for multiple pages at once and then insert their value into my database?

    Thanks Chance

  65. Hi Konstantin, I found your article on custom post types in WP3.0 very helpful. I'm trying to further the idea by customising the backend admin area. I have a home page with four boxes, i'd like two of them to be editable from one admin page inside wordpress. Ideally they would both have tinyMCE editor enabled and would be CSS styled so the boxes actually look like the page, with the correct background and dimensions.

    I've looked on the web and the WP codex for some time, but i can't seem to find much info on making a custom page layout for custom port types. Do you have any idea how i would go about this? Im assuming i would use the add_meta_box function or something similar?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Regards, Dan

  66. Hi Konstantin,
    I am ARUNDAS from india,i am a fresher in the field of web development.I am student,now i just completed a course in PHP.i want to be a Zend Certified Engineer .can you pls help me for the same .please mail me the syllabus and other details regarding with zend mail id is [ hidden ]
    thank u…

    • Hey Arundas, I'm sorry but I'm all out of mock tests so you'll have to get yours. Google for the study guide, you should be able to find that in no time. Good luck with your exam!

  67. Hello Kovshenin, I'm trying to figure out the basic authentication URL for WordPress… there's a new iPad app, dPad HTML editor that can create and add a post. Problem is I cannot find the expected syntax of that URL. Any suggestions?

    Please reply via email to me at [ hidden ]


    • I think that you're looking for XML-RPC if you need external access to your WordPress blog. As far as I know the iPad and iPhone apps work via XML-RPC which can also be extended to basically carry out any task. I managed to replicate data from one blog to another WordPress blog via XML-RPC.

  68. Helo,

    I saw your post while riding online. I want to still congratulate you for your Zend breakthrough, though mine seemed to arrive late.

    Sir, i want to write the ZCE exam but i lacked materials espacially on the exam test guide. I have been developing project using php for over a month now, see most of my works

    Please, if there is any way you can help me out with materials or links, i would appreciate it greatly.

    Agu Chux

  69. We need a web developer that could develop a social website for us (dynamic)

    please reply to me we could talk

    We are located in San Francisco, CA, USA

    Need a developer from Russia. I could contact you

    This is an urgent project.




  70. Hi Kovshenin,

    I have a project, based here in Australia, that needs to use custom XML_RPC methods, as per your post ("custom XML-RPC methods in wordpress").

    Am interested to know your availability to work on such a project and your hourly rate for such project work.

    Will provide more details offline.

    Best Regards

  71. Hi Konstantin,
    I currently using (and possibly abusing) your podcast30 custom post type article.
    Just wondered if you had the time just to give me hints on how to add another custom meta field that updates as you change the value input via the edit box?
    I would be very grateful.
    reply by email would be great.
    Only if you have time man, I've made effort to do this myself but it just seems to either not save the input as a custom meta, or get messed up with the original custom meta..



  72. hey bro,

    im here to ask how to make the official twitter plugin adapt to your twitter friendly link short link , like you did with the modified sociable.php

    thanks for everything feliz navidad and keep the good vibe goin !!!

    • Hey Jose, depends on what you're trying to do. If you want to integrate into TFL directly check out the twitter_link() function it provides. Should be everything you need. Cheers and good luck!

  73. I'm currently working on a small project and I'd like to get your assistance on some customization issues I am having. More specifically, difficulty surrounding the use of Custom Post Types with a clients theme. I'd also like to discuss with you the possibility of hiring you on a regular basis to do some upgrades and social network integrations with some of my client websites. If you could contact me via email, I would appreciate a moment of your time.

    Thank you,

    I've also just subscribed to your sites RSS, and will be reading through your posts extensively as I have the time. Tremendous resource with quality posts. Awesome!

  74. Hi, your plugin is really good.
    For my project I need customs fields, that's why I've downloaded you plugin, but I need different custom fields for each category.
    Will you add this functionality in your plugin?


  75. Hi,
    i'm from Bulgaria you can write me in russian, it's not a problem for me.
    great blog i read some articles :)
    I have a question .. do you know a way to get and display fan page created time in FB?
    In documentation i read that fouded can be null and and is't null for all may pages.
    I try to get oldest post but there a limitation on 50 max or 30 day old.

    Have a nice evening,

    • Hi Tihomir, not sure you can get the date founded if you say it returns null on some pages. Perhaps you should post this question on the Facebook developers forums, they might have an answer. Getting the oldest post is certainly not the way to do it :) Cheers!

  76. Hi Konstantin,

    We've came across your blog, mainly the post about "Lead Generation Forms with WordPress and SugarCRM", and we are looking for an experienced developer that has worked with both WordPress and SugarCRM to build basic file uploading functionality into a WordPress contact form.

    The form would need to validate the type of file and either a) store the file on the server and send the URL to SugarCRM, or b) send/store the file into the SugarCRM.

    If you are interested in this job offer, please get back to us via email with a quote and time frame of completion.

    Hope to hear back, regards,

  77. Hi,
    I am a designer and aspiring entrepreneur. I came across and liked it. Just wondering if this is still updated ongoing. Thought I can express interest if you plan to sell it anytime.


  78. Hi Kontantin!
    If it helps you at all, I've noticed that there are App development companies springing up all over the place, and it seems to me that these are becoming like the "new" design studios ie they're the next thing after web design.
    As examples, have a look at www. and

    It seems to me that a guy like yourself could work miracles in such an environment.
    I'm developing games for the iPhone, but there is a big market out there for "business" apps, so maybe its something for you or your employer to look at..
    Hope this suggestion helps!
    Best Wishes, David ps excuse the very basic website for my games – just haven't had the time to expand it!)

  79. Ey konstantin!
    listend to your conversation on wordcast. well done!
    found it quite interesting the way you see things, and where to you'll go…
    One thing i found surprising, moving back to low-level programing like C (you said).
    You mentioned you came from them (eg java,visual basic). To do things like google, facebook there's a lot more than understanding these things. Don't get me wrong, let me ask u one question? wouldn't it be at that time the best to get into Ruby (Rails).
    I'am quite often on your site, i like the stuff u write about, fits my interests and what i'am doing. I just wanted to mention i am at the same crossroad (if one can say that) where to go next. Now i'm 1 week into Rails 3 and i can tell you i'm overwhelmed… Btw great talk and …

    • Hey there. Well you certainly have a point there, and I did a 2-day blitz course on Ruby on Rails. I also did one on Python and Django, and unfortunately for Ruby I fell in love with Python, which is why some of my latest blog posts are about Google App Engine, Python and Django ;) But I don't think it's about the language, I think it's mostly about understanding what's going on under the hood. Thanks for listening the podcast and good luck :)

  80. Установил тему Minimal Georgia Theme. В Firefox-e версии 3.6.15 появляется прокрутка внизу, а вот в Explorer 8/9 версии прокрутки нету. Как исправить?

  81. Привет Костя!

    Пишет тебе Саша из Атланта, Джорджия. У меня к тебе вопрос на счёт SugarCRM Lead Generation Form. Хочу сразу сказать что у тебя классный блог. Всегда рад видеть наших в такой сфере. Удачи тебе.

    Так вот вопрос. Я разобрался в коде и функциях но у меня возникает ошибка на 28 линии в sugar.php. Я просмотрел все комментарии думая не пропустил ли я чего-то по ошибке. Судя по статьи и комментариях в SugarCRM Lead Generation Form пост думаю что ничего не пропустил. Не можешь ли помочь?

    Да, форма связи построина в WordPress CMS. Я старался блительно следить за твоими инструкциями.

    Извени если у меня ошибки в граматике.

    За рание искренно благодарен.

  82. Konstantin,

    I need your help. I have been getting WordPress spam emails now for about 1 year. I dont have a WordPress blog and i have no idea how to stop them. I can stop them and No one can help me. Please send me a email and i can explain my problem more.

  83. Hey Kovshenin,

    We have been following your posts and some of them are really useful for small businesses like us. Similar to us there might be a lot of small ones who can benefit from our product called DeskAway. Its a cloud based project collaboration tool.
    If you think its useful you can review it. But do let us know what you think might help us improve the project.
    Thanks and cheers,

    • Hello Mayur! I'd be interested to look and review your app too. Reach me on Skype and send me a short video of how you're different than the others, what's so cool in your application.


  84. Hi,

    I am writing to follow up on my last email regarding our sensible proposal for your site because I did not receive a response.
    We have had a server problem lately and I’m afraid I couldn’t read your email.

    We just want to find out if your are open in discussing a sponsorship proposal for your page.

    Best regards,
    Jason Nash

  85. Hi Konstantin,

    I have a programming request that you might want to work on, I need to pull the fan count from a facebook fan page, and display that as a flash widget somewhere else, its pretty simple..

    I have another more complex project with twitter, let me know if you want to talk more.


    Marcelo Salazar

  86. Hello Konstantin
    I am testing your zendesk/wordpress plugin and get an error message trying to convert a comment to a zendesk ticket.
    I get a error message which is not so easy to understand. Can you read out more from this message. "A new ticket could not be created at this time, please try again later." Both log gin and to see tickets from within wordpress works.


  87. Hi, I have one question about custom post type. Is there any posibility to assign posts to a post? I knew is *ucking ridiculous but i want to allow my users to post objects (post type) and post another type of post (assign it to object). So finally users can search & browse "objects" and "objects posts". Sorry for my English.

  88. Hi, installed your technical support plugin on my multisite wordpress install and its working fine however I was wondering if there is a way I can have it so that it is already activated for my clients and allow it to show up in the dashboard automatically. I dont want my clients to have to configure any of the settings.

    • Your clients are admins of each of their blogs I guess so they'll have access to the configuration. Maybe with a little modification to the plugin itself we can bring full support for Multi-site :)

  89. Hi there … I've used your technical support plugin code a couple times, thank you very much for that and just wanted to let you know that the current method for loading the text domain should be changed to :

    <pre>load_plugin_textdomain( 'ts', false, dirname( plugin_basename( __FILE__ ) ) . '/languages/' );

    Feel free to email me if you'd like ;-)

  90. Hi, I was reading your post about creating custom post types in WordPress and your example of real estate listings is very similar to what I'm needing to do. I was wondering if you've released that anywhere in the form of a theme or plugin, etc.?

    I'd need to modify it some for my purposes, but it would be a perfect starting place for me. I was just reading another article you wrote where you said not to reinvent the wheel, so that's what I'm trying to avoid. :)

    If you could reply by e-mail, it would be appreciated.


  91. Noticed your post on Google Docs API and CURL the other day and wondered if you have noticed a change in behavior with CURL and Google since 11/1/11.

    I am using Michael Schrenk's http() function as part of a page rank calculation tool. This function uses the CURL functions to return a page of data, given a target query. Up until 11/1/11, it has returned everything from a Google query right up to the last .

    As of today though, it will only return a portion of the Google page, even though it still works fine with any other non-Google URL I have tried.

    Do you know of any CURL failures with Google output since they went to https ?

    Thx, Glenn

    • No I haven't, but I did notice a lot of changes in my App Engine billing after the last upgrade. Unfortunately I had to take my application down because of that. Anyways, if you're having problems with cURL you can always ask it to not verify SSL.

    • A Windows one, because most users are using Windows as administrators, while in most Linux distributions you'll need root or sudo privileges to perform a shutdown or reboot :)

  92. Hi there! Just recently came across your article regarding Counting Facebook Fans in PHP (the Graph API way). Copied it, set up the necessary data and it displays nothing (no number). Has that anything to do with the recent changes to FB?

    • Dorijan, probably not, but make sure you’re using the latest PHP SDK provided by Facebook and if that still doesn’t work, try and print_r the whole result to see what the response is, maybe they changed the key because the term “fans” is getting deprecated. Good luck!

  93. I am impressed with your wordpress skills and would be interested in hiring you for a job involving wordpress menus and accordion css/jquery for the side navigatoin menu. If you’re interested, please email me back!


  94. Happy holidays Konstantin!

    I’m new to the development side of things and have a question. I installed both Twitter Friends and Twitter Followers, activated them, filled in the necessary info and put them in my primary and secondary widget areas. The header for both shows up, but nothing below.

    Can you tell me what I overlooked?

    Thanks in advance!

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