OS X Mail is Okay, but Google Mail is Better

Been running Mail for OS X for a few days last week. I decided to give it a go after seeing my friends use it and.. Oh well. It totally messed up both my personal and corporate accounts, flagging is broken, mark unread too because as soon as you delete one message the next one is automatically read. And I actually had one of our clients reply to my personal e-mail, I wonder how that happened.. Also, my contacts were never imported which is strange.

Anyways, I’m back to using the Gmail web interface for both accounts, multiple sign-on works well and Google can also display popup tooltips when new mail arrives. Hopefully OS X Mail didn’t delete any of my e-mails and contacts on the server ;)

A Reason to Love TwitScoop

As many of you have already heard, Gmail servers have been down lately and Twitter was there to prove this. Instead of asking “Is it me or is Gmail offline” you could have just looked at the TwitScoop realtime cloud and remain silent, or perhaps tweet some “Experiencing problems with #gmail too…” just to keep up the trends. Wonderful, huh? I’m also glad that they’ve integrated TwitScoop into TweetDeck, here’s a screenshot:

Good Luck and don’t forget about the Hashtags!