WordPress Actions vs. Filters

If you’re still wondering about the difference between WordPress actions and WordPress filters, Michael Fields posted a very cool explanation in this forum thread called Actions vs. Filters. I think it’s the best explanation of actions and filters I have seen so far, well done Michael, and keep up the good work! Let’s pretend that WordPress is a Mexican restaurant and we have...

I started a blog about Theme Options

I started a blog about Theme Options, where I post screenshots and thoughts about options panels in free and premium WordPress themes. My ultimate goal is to get a collection of good and bad practices when dealing with theme options. Thanks for subscribing and feel free to submit your screenshots and thoughts!

The Future of CSS

If you’re familiar with Less CSS, SASS and others, you will absolutely love this one: The future of CSS. It seems to cover everything we’ve been missing so far. I’ve already started using More CSS in my next project and it’s looking very good so far!

WordPress Weekly Issue #1

Everybody’s doing roundups, and so am I. WordPress Weekly issue #1! Jane opened a ticket to add meta description to core, Joost de Valk is not happy. Theme Customizer in 3.4 is looking good. Ryan Imel of WPCandy interviews John James Jacoby on BuddyPress, bbPress and social. Theme.fm seems to be back, with a post about some plugins essential for your WordPress themes. There’s a bunch...

Top 10 Best Android Games of 2011

If you’re an Android fan you’ll love this post on Mashable: Top 10 Best Android Games of 2011. Features both free and paid ones and some I haven’t even played yet, awesome!

WordPress 3.3 Release Candidate 2

Sweet! WordPress 3.3 Release Candidate 2 is here and as Andrew Nacin pointed out they’re “really close to a final release.” To find out what’s new in 3.3, visit the About page after installing the release candidate. Good luck and make sure your themes and plugins throw no errors!

VirtualBox and NFS for Web Development

If you’re using VirtualBox for web development and sync data between the host and guest VMs using folder sharing via Guest Additions, you might have noticed that VirtualBox is not too good ad syncing files and some of them tend to get lost too. Here’s a good tutorial on Setting Up NFS in Ubuntu which turned out to be a great alternative, works crazy fast, no permissions issue, syncs...

Selective Page Hierarchy for wp_list_pages

Check out Selective Page Hierarchy for wp_list_pages() where Michael Fields shows how he extended the WordPress Walker_Page class to create a selective “drilldown” page walker, which can then be used with wp_list_pages.

Artiste by Orman Clark

Artiste by Orman Clark is a very nice looking portfolio theme for WordPress released today. Just like the rest of Orman’s themes, this one’s got a bunch of options, widgets, shortcodes and templates as well as a layered PSD for heavy customization. Doesn’t seem like it responds to media queries but the layout is flexible enough to fit an portrait iPad.