Moscow Django Meetup

I’m not a huge fan of Django¬†although Python is one of my favorite languages. Last week I heard about a Django Meetup happening in Moscow, so I decided to give it a go. It was fun, there were three speakers and around forty attendees, in a really nice venue. The three topics were PyCharm IDE, Continuous Integration and a different (and rather strange) approach at handling HTTP requests in Django general.

Anyway, it was nice to meet new people and see how their meetup is going. It was also nice to have a beer and chat about Git vs. Mercurial vs. Subversion. Will I attend next time? Maybe ;)

The Third WordPress Meetup in Moscow

WordPress Meetup in Moscow, May 19th

The Moscow WordPress Meetup Group is growing and we recently held our third meetup, which was quite a success! We had a total of 12 attendees (including a 5 year old kid) and 4 presentations, around 30 minutes each:

  • What’s new in WordPress 3.4
  • Building a Wiki with WordPress
  • The GNU GPL Explained
  • An Into to HyperDB

We met on a Saturday morning and the weather was perfect, everybody seemed to enjoy it, so let’s hope this thing keeps growing. Got a great deal of positive energy and inspiration, exactly the kind of stuff I need before my trip to Bulgaria :)