How to Network Deactivate a WordPress Plugin

Duh! Hit “Network Deactivate” in the Network Admin, right? Yeah…. Next time, think twice before you Network Activate a WordPress plugin. It’s not too easy to deactivate it, while keeping it activated on blogs that actually use it. I wrote a little CLI script to activate a plugin of your choice on all blogs in a network: define( 'ABSPATH', '/path/to/wordpress/' ); require(...

Changing the Default Theme in WordPress Multisite

It’s important for a network (WordPress Multisite) to have a valid default theme for newly created sites. The current version sets this to twentyeleven in default-constants.php. If your default theme isn’t installed or disabled network-wide, you might face some errors when creating new sites in the network. You can define WP_DEFAULT_THEME in your wp-config.php file.

WordPress Multisite with Wildcard Subdomains

If you’re working with WordPress Multisite in your local environment, you might have noticed that dealing with a subdomain install is a pain, because your hosts file doesn’t support wildcard entries for hosts, i.e. you cannot do something like this: *.multisite.lo # will not work! There are quite a few solutions though, first and easiest of which is to run multisite with a...