Google Nexus S

I’m now an owner of a brand new Google Nexus S phone. I’ve been running around with a Nexus One before and so far I don’t see much difference, other than that’s it’s a little bit faster and bigger. Just like the Nexus One model, Nexus S is not meant to be sold in Russia so I had to get it from an online store without warranty from Samsung. Oh well, hope it...

Review: Nexus One, Android & Software Freedom

The first time I mentioned I wanted a Nexus One phone was on January 21st, 2010. That’s almost a year ago and I was ready to trade in my iPhone for a Google phone. This Christmas I made myself a present and got that Nexus One from some “not so legal” Internet store here in Moscow. I guess they’re (Nexus One & Nexus S) not yet or ever will be certified for the Russian...

Google Unveils Nexus S and Android Gingerbread

I couldn’t go without posting this great video of the new Nexus S phone from Google. Boy I love Google’s video marketing! And Nexus? Ah, I’m still excited about Nexus One and now bam! The new generation Nexus S phone is out, and Gingebread! Holy shmoly, Android’s taking over the world ;)

Read more at the official Google Mobile blog: Introducing Nexus S with Gingerbread