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Open-sourcing the Code Comments Trac plugin

Open-sourcing the Code Comments Trac plugin by Nikolay Bachiyski, from the WordPress.com VIP team. I haven’t had a chance to use the plugin myself, but I really love Trac (I don’t have much choice now either) and I really love code commenting on Github. This little plugin brings one to the other. Awesome, and well done!

Foller.me Has Got a New Home: Google App Engine

That’s right, Google App Engine! For those of you who don’t remember, Foller.me is a Twitter app I wrote back in 2009. Honestly, I never realized back then that performance is an issue until the day I got featured on Mashable. More about it in a previous post. If you’re not familiar with Foller.me, I’ll explain it here in a couple of words: Foller.me is a web application...