Write your own HTTP API wrapper

Write your own HTTP API wrapper that throws exceptions — come on, you’re a programmer, do what programmers do: make a personal, convoluted abstraction layer. :-)

Andrew Nacin on WP_Error

Which is a nice read on wp-hackers by the way, about how WP_Error is used and why it shouldn’t be replaced by PHP5 exceptions, which I never liked. If you’re really thinking of writing an HTTP API wrapper, please don’t :)

Otto on WordPress Updates

You should update any and all plugins immediately when there is an
update available, period.

If the plugin author has a habit of introducing new versions with
bugs, then you should stop using that plugin and find a different one

I do not see it as a good idea to introduce anything which even
remotely suggests that it is okay to not update. It is not okay.
Update. Immediately. Always.
Otto via wp-hackers

Very well said Otto, and it’s also good to know that Chrome-like updates is one thing the core team is keeping in mind. Anybody else wants to suggest telling users to not update? ;) Here’s the beginning of the thread.

Change the WordPress Core to Django

I couldn’t not post this tweet by Andrew Nacin. Seriously, why not change the WordPress core to Django? ;) Perhaps the author of the quote meant a Django-style templating engine, which is indeed cool and quite popular too. Oh well, that was a good laugh, thank you!

Google Webmaster Team on SEO

We’ve seen this a lot, keyword stuffing, the strong tag miss-used and of course the heading tags. I’m deeply sorry folks, but Google is right, for good and long term relationships with the search giant you should put all your effort into content. The rest is just good practice. And if you haven’t seen this yet, you should: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.