SEO Plugins and Themes will not do Magic

Pro tip! If your content sucks, SEO-friendly themes and plugins won't do magic. Stop wasting your money and start improving your content.
— Konstantin Kovshenin (@kovshenin) August 22, 2012

And when you’ve improved your content, take a look at the search engine optimization guidelines and make sure you’re not overdoing it ;) Thanks to everyone who retweeted this.

Google Webmaster Team on SEO

We’ve seen this a lot, keyword stuffing, the strong tag miss-used and of course the heading tags. I’m deeply sorry folks, but Google is right, for good and long term relationships with the search giant you should put all your effort into content. The rest is just good practice. And if you haven’t seen this yet, you should: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Snippet: Nofollow for Tag Cloud in WordPress

Tag clouds are good, but in a previous post called WordPress & Google Analytics: Tracking Your Tag Cloud I admitted that they’re not very useful, and especially for search engines — which is the topic I’ll discuss today. I’m not an SEO junkie or anything but I do have some knowledge of the basic rules, one of which is avoid duplicate content. Now fire up your blog...

URL Shorteners and the Linkrot Apocalypse

First of all I’d like to thank you all for your support on the Twitter Friendly Links plugin for WordPress. It started out as a fairly simple URL shortener tool. Now it’s got loads of new options and some compatibility fixes. Keep the suggestions coming :) Today I came across a bunch of articles about link relations, the way Google and other search engines treat them, and the way a...

More Google SEO Tips

“What are some simple ways that I can improve my website’s performance in Google?” Yeah, they are simple enough… I bet you’ve been following the Google webmaster central blog and have seen the post about their new SEO starter guide. Well, as they said, everybody knows this stuff already, but they just wanted to remind us all with one handy little guide. That’s...

Some Handy SEO Tricks

Today we’ll talk about Google and search engine optimization techniques. The reason why I chose this subject, is that I’m having some problems achieving good results in the russian blogging community and other minor projects. We’ll start with a brief overlook at the top 10 google myths. The top 10 myths about google were talked about on the “Tricks and Treats”...