Working in Web 2.0

Somebody on Twitter yesterday posted a link to UADDit with photos of workplaces in web 2.0 companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr,, Mozilla and others. I just couldn’t resist, so here they are:

The pictures are my favourite! The original post is at discussions.

I Got my Flickr Account!

Yeah, I finally got my Flickr account and would like to share my photostream with everyone, so if you’re interested feel free to add me to your contact list:

By the way, I haven’t got a camera – I use my cellphone to take pictures so the quality isn’t very good, sorry. Anyways, I’ve found a great way to upload images directy to Flickr using my Nokia 6681. In fact, there are two of them. One is to use the WAP browser and point it to, login and upload pictures. The second one is to use e-mail posting. Flickr gives out some secret e-mail address to every user. If you send an image to that address it appears in your photostream. Tagging is allowed aswell.

Oh, and you can also use the XML-RPC protocol to post pictures directy to your wordpress (or any other) blog. Look for it in the account settings.

WordPress – Social Networking

I’m currently building a tiny social network for vector artists to post their artwork and get feedback. Anyways, I’ve been doing that for almost a year already and still can’t get it finished :) I’ve got design, I’ve got code concepts, but it’s all too complicated for a one-man-team. So this is where wordpress comes in…

I’ve tried the WordPress MU project (multi-user) but that’s slightly different. I mean yeah, people can run their own blogs and stuff but that’s not what I need. I’m looking for one blog with lots of users that can add posts (artwork or blogposts) and comment each other, oh and some rating system. So I searched the web for wordpress plugins that made it work like a CMS.

Role manager. This is quite good. Get your copy at SourceForge. This plugin lets you customize all user roles and capabilities. It’s well-documented so you shouldn’t have any problems.

That’s not enough. I want users to be able to post artwork, and it would be really nice if they didn’t have to use the standard wordpress admin panel, cause it’s ugly :))

Cforms II. Yeah, the plugin’s great. Works well with AJAX, has good styling options, but no. It was a pain in the ass getting Cforms II submit a new post as a draft from a specific user, but yeah, I managed to get it to work with some extra code in my-functions.php (Cforms feature). It worked fine until I tried to add thumbnails to posted arts, which made me move all my code to the page.php file of the wordpress system, where all the $_POST processing worked, and that’s wasn’t very nice.

Why should I use the Cforms plugin if I still have to hardcode my wordpress files? I’d be easier to draw a form and process it in an external php file. All the functions I’d need could be included from the wordpress includes directories (wp_create_thumbnail() and wp_insert_post() are basically all I need).

By the way, the wordpress codex has all these functions documented – WordPress Fuction Reference. So, I guess it’s okay to write some code, rather than install 50 plugins and expect to get it all working in 5 minutes :) will keep coding…