Upcoming Stream: Creating a Page Caching Plugin for WordPress from Scratch

Have you always wanted to write your own page caching plugin for WordPress? Probably not. In any case, I’ll be doing exactly that, tomorrow at around 9 UTC during a live broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. For educational purposes of course, as part of our WordPress training program at Koddr.io.

I’ll be starting from scratch, with a stock WordPress site. I’ll briefly look at how some of the most popular page caching plugins work to get some ideas. I’ll then write out a list of features for the new plugin, and start coding right away.

It will probably take a few hours to get it into decent shape. I’m setting aside around six hours for the entire stream, but you never know. The end result will be published to a public repository on GitHub under the GPL, for everyone to be able to explore, adapt, extend and transform into the caching plugin of your dreams.

The Twitch and YouTube broadcast links will be published on my Twitter and here on this blog as soon as I go live. See you tommorrow!