Publish is a clean minimal WordPress theme, which puts your content on stage. It’s perfect for single-author blogs and personal blogs. Its responsive layout will make sure that your content is readable on any device and any screen size, from mobile to desktop. Here are some screenshots of Publish in action:

WordPress Theme Publish

Publish supports custom backgrounds, navigation menus, various post formats, threaded comments, editor styles and more. Although it’s best for single-author blogs, it works well for multi-author blogs too. If you’d like to change the top left Gravatar “logo,” you can do so by changing the main admin e-mail address in Settings – General.

Download and Contribute

Publish is released under the GPL license and is available for free from the themes directory. The primary development branch lives on GitHub where you can help contribute by reporting issues or submitting pull requests, which are highly appreciated!

Publish is also available to users.