Top 10 Best Android Games of 2011

If you’re an Android fan you’ll love this post on Mashable: Top 10 Best Android Games of 2011. Features both free and paid ones and some I haven’t even played yet, awesome!

Just Married

For those of you who missed it, I got married last Wednesday :) You’re probably not used to seeing it, but the wedding ring goes on the right hand in Russia.

Quick Tip: Beware of the_content Filter

Here’s a quick tip! Don’t apply the_content filters because some plugins (especially social share plugins) will use that filter to add something extra before or after your content, assuming it’s your main post or page content, which is fair. I’m also pretty sure that attachment posts can add things like images there too. So if you’re using the_content filter...

WordPress Sidebars as Menus

Mika shares her thoughts and a bunch of screenshots on WordPress Sidebars as Menus, definitely a much more usable approach at widgets in WordPress. Plus, looks like this can solve the “theme switch” problem when sidebars usually just disappear and all your widgets settings are lost. Let’s hope this makes it into core sooner or later ;)

Ubuntu 11.10 Wireless on Sony Vaio with RT3090

Updated my Sony Vaio VPCM12M1R netbook to Ubuntu 11.10. The update went quite smooth although wireless immediately stopped working. Well it didn’t quite work with Ubuntu 10.10 either but the RT3090 package fixed it last time. Luckily I didn’t remove the package and was lucky to get things working on 11.10 simply by: sudo dpkg -i rt3090-dkms_2.3.1.3-0ubuntu0~ppa1_all.deb And obviously...

WordPress 3.3 Release Candidate 2

Sweet! WordPress 3.3 Release Candidate 2 is here and as Andrew Nacin pointed out they’re “really close to a final release.” To find out what’s new in 3.3, visit the About page after installing the release candidate. Good luck and make sure your themes and plugins throw no errors!

My Twitter Account has finally been unsuspended

My Twitter Account has finally been unsuspended this morning. I wrote earlier that my account was suspended for no reason without any notification emails from Twitter support. The funny thing is even though it was unsuspended today, I got no response to the two tickets I filed so I don’t even know the reason why it was suspended in the first place. Oh well…

VirtualBox and NFS for Web Development

If you’re using VirtualBox for web development and sync data between the host and guest VMs using folder sharing via Guest Additions, you might have noticed that VirtualBox is not too good ad syncing files and some of them tend to get lost too. Here’s a good tutorial on Setting Up NFS in Ubuntu which turned out to be a great alternative, works crazy fast, no permissions issue, syncs...

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla Awareness in Russia

WordPress awareness (search volume) in Russia did not change much over the last year. Joomla’s still strong but dropping steadily, which seems to be a good sign. Drupal’s worse but at least they’re doing the DrupalCon here. So we all have to do something about it to change the picture next year. Any ideas?