Pro Web 2.0 Mashups

Finally, I got the book about Remixing Data and Web Services and read about 3 chapters. It seems that everyone is already mixing up all kinds of data from sources like Google Maps and News, Flickr photos, delicious bookmarks, charts and others. The very first mashups like are brilliant, and with Yahoo! Pipes coming along, things seem to get much easier for people without any coding basics.

The Yahoo! Pipes service is a feed aggregator and manipulator, that lets you remix feeds from multiple sources. And many many more seems to be on its way :)

The author of the book is Raymond Yee and it’s published by Apress. You can browse it at Amazon here: Pro Web 2.0 Mashups.

And here’s a quick tip about linking to Amazon books. Find the book you like through Amazon search, go to its Product details and copy the ISBN-10 field value. The shortlink for your book will look like this:, where 159059858X is the ISBN of the book. Nice huh?

More detailed examples can be found here: Linking to Amazon

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