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Foller.me is Ready to Launch. We're going LIVE!

Good news everyone! We’re totally ready to launch! Everything is going as planned right now and we’re having a very busy weekend, but the launch date was announced and there’s nothing we can do to stop ;) Might I start with a little press release? You can post this wherever you want, blogs, forums, chats, … newspapers, TV, radio ;) but please, schedule that for Monday (1st...

New Twitter Startup! Beta Testers Wanted!

Hello everyone. You might be wondering why I haven’t updated my WordPress plugins for the last two weeks. I was very busy with this new Twitter service I got in mind and I’m proud to announce that a semi-public beta is already up and running. You might want to read the blog before you go test: blog.foller.me. The beta’s located here: beta.foller.me. I’m really looking...

Quick Flickr Widget and the Flickr API Services

Hope you remember the Quick Flickr Widget plugin for WordPress. Well, since version 1.2 I’ve changed the way it works. Prior to 1.2, as Donncha suggested in his Flickr plugin, I used a public Flickr RSS feed to display the items, using WordPress’ RSS functions to move around the feed. Anyways I thought that I couldn’t take the plugin far enough, so I decided to use the Flickr...

Social Media in Plain English

Here’s a sweet video by Common Craft about Social Media.

By the way the wide screen YouTube videos are 640×360 and Viper’s Video Quicktags wordpress plugin is doing great! Fits well in my new design, I love it!

Working in Web 2.0

Somebody on Twitter yesterday posted a link to UADDit with photos of workplaces in web 2.0 companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Last.fm, Mozilla and others. I just couldn’t resist, so here they are:
The last.fm pictures are my favourite! The original post is at uaddit.com discussions.

Pro Web 2.0 Mashups

Finally, I got the book about Remixing Data and Web Services and read about 3 chapters. It seems that everyone is already mixing up all kinds of data from sources like Google Maps and News, Flickr photos, delicious bookmarks, last.fm charts and others. The very first mashups like Housingmaps.com are brilliant, and with Yahoo! Pipes coming along, things seem to get much easier for people without...