15 Google Wave Invitations from Moscow

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That’s right. I’m giving out Google Wave invitations too! No VIP invites though (like the ones at Bit Rebels) and there’s no need to tweet anything to get them. The rules are simple: I know quite a lot of you readers comment here from time to time and yes, all you have to do is leave a tiny little comment to this post (please include your name and your Twitter account) to get your chance for a Google Wave invitation. Please don’t write your e-mail address or anything in the comment itself, doing it in the e-mail field would be enough for me to know your addresses.

By the end of this week I’ll look through your comments and send out the invitations. First to friends and people I interact with on Twitter, then to those who often comment on my blog, and if there’s anything left, to the rest. Don’t worry though, the last time I asked if anybody wanted a Google Wave invitation on Twitter I had 2 responses from people I follow, so there’s quite a good chance for everyone.

P.S. Make sure you filled in this Wave application form before asking for invitations, that (I guess) would speed up the whole process.

Update: 6 invitations have been sent out today (Thursday). Hope to see you waving soon! Others will receive theirs tomorrow.

Update: Okay, I sent out the rest of the invitations. Too bad some of you didn’t even read the post, thus, didn’t get their invitations. Anyways, I have a few left so feel free to bug me on Twitter if you need any ;) Good luck and thanks for your participation! Also, for the peeps who were sent an invitation but didn’t get it yet – you don’t generally get the invitation the day it was sent out. There’s a time frame for that, normally around a week, sometimes less, but you’ll get there, don’t worry ;)

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  3. I am very keen indeed to receive a Google Wave invite, because many times, in conversations with my family in Russia (my wife and step-daughter),I wish to refer to some photo or video I have taken earlier.It would be great to do this in real-time.
    By the way, many thanks for all your useful tweets with links to tutorials etc., which help very much with my productivity in web design!

  4. Please, can you gift me an invitation, I want to know Google Wave. I tried to found one invitation but untill now, it hasn't been posible.

  5. Well, just like everyone I would love and invite.

    Even tho, isn't it enough? Facebook, twitter, tuenti, Digg, flickr, mail, blip, myspace, my own blog, other blogs…

    I just wanna wave.

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  7. There comes an idea once in every decade or so that changes the way we think or do things forever. Wave is just that… the start of a new communication era!
    I havent had a chance to ride the wave yet. Would you be kind enough to send me an invite?

  8. Hi,
    Hope you are fine … can you please send me a google wave invite please.
    Mail is > adolescentintruder at gmail dot com
    Thanks …

  9. Hey, I'm Ed. I'm a 3D Character Modeler hoping to one day work for a big gaming company. Right now I'm about to finish my last year in school and it's time to set my first steps into the gaming industry.

    The reason I'd like a Wave Invite is because I'm right now working on a school project and I have to show it now for my final year and some of my mates have wave but they don't have invites and if I get wave we can finally work on our development reports and our project documents and share our concept art and many other things much easier. So Wave would be a great asset to have when working on our Game Project.

    Hope you'll throw me a bone. :]


  10. Am in need of a google wave account! And if you have one i'd be forever in youdebt so for you to send me an invite… plz mate


  11. Is it too late for the invites?

    To be honest I'm sort of torn regarding wave. I watched the whole presentation video a while back. On one hand it seems pretty useful but on the other it seems sort of limiting: you can only communicate when you're on the net. Unlike email which you can compose offline.

    Anyway, it would be great to get an invite to see for myself. ;)


  12. I replied before. Just wanted to say if the guys who appeared to have actually read the post are filtered (in) there should be no shortage of invites for everyone :D

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