Back to Moscow

Woah, that was one wonderful trip. The only thing that sucked about it is that there’s no Internet in Magnitogorsk (1500 km away from Moscow). They only say that there’s 3G mobile Internet, ADSL and 2 Mbps broadband. My cellphone’s 50 kbps GPRS was faster that that broadband! I tweeted out a message or two – that’s the only thing I managed to do next to some ICQ and other old’skool stuff. I did have a great time though, renewed my passport, seen my old friends and drank some alcohol ;)

Anyways, today I arrived back to Moscow and tweeting live again. Check out the hot Magnitogorsk nightclub stuff at my Flickr photostream. There’s me in those photos somewhere by the way. Oh, and I got a brand new Casio photocam too, so I guess I’ll need a Pro account on Flickr ;)

Anyways, back to work.