Goodbye Automattic

You might have heard that I left Automattic. It’s true. It’s the best company I’ve ever worked at. And by far the longest. Almost 9 years! I’ll miss my friends an coworkers. I’m not leaving WordPress. In fact, my next impact will be around hosting for WordPress specifically, maybe WooCommerce, I’m not sure yet. It’s going to be a fun challenge. I’ll...


As you may have heard, Automattic recently secured the rights to operate the sale and registration of .blog — a new top-level domain, which is currently in the Sunrise period, where trademark owners can apply. The Landrush period, where anyone can apply for their desired .blog domains, is scheduled for November 2nd, and public launch is expected on November 21st. However, a few select...

MegaFon Moscow: Privacy & Advertising

Funny thing happened today. My car insurance expired, so I called my insurance company (RESO) from my cellphone. Nobody answered my call, it was Friday evening after all, so I hung up and decided to call them on Monday. A few hours later, I received a text-message: For those of you who can’t read Russian, it’s an advert from INHELP, a different insurance company offering its services...

Knock knock! Who’s there? … 1Password.

I’ve been using 1Password for almost a year now and I love it. 1Password Mini (that thing that lives in the OS X menu bar) is my favorite, especially combined with the Cmd+Alt+\ (or ⌘⌥\) shortcut key that opens the menu, focused on Search. Type a few letters, hit the right arrow, hit the down arrow, hit Enter and boom — you have your password in your clipboard for 90 seconds. Amazing...

2013: A Year in Review

Twenty Thirteen (the year, not the theme) is almost over, so I’d like to go back and review some of the things I had planned and the goals I had set for the year.

Here’s what happened in 2013.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Today I turned 24 and my wife got me a Kindle Fire — something I wanted for ages, primarily for reading, but turns out it’s a great tablet for work and play too. The first thing I did was go to the Amazon App Store to install a couple of free apps, but got quite a disappointing message: your payment method contains a non-US billing address, please use a US credit card, which I...

San Diego vs. St Louis

Enjoying our company meetup in San Diego this week, and one of the things on my todo list is baseball, since it’s difficult to find baseball outside of the US, especially in Russia ;) So here’s the proof:

San Diego vs. St Louis. Check! Apparently it wasn’t a very exciting game, but we had a really great time, and the San Diego Padres won.

Golden Gate Bridge

Had a moment today where I could leave my work and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s huge and amazing, and apparently, it can easily survive a serious earthquake.

US Visa

I finally got my US visa today, multiple entry, for two years! It took 11 days after the interview at the US Embassy in Moscow. Fun fact, they stapled the receipt right to my passport, hope that doesn’t render it illegal. Making travel plans for August and September :)

Great Places to Work From: Local Time, Moscow

I wrote about my first experience working from a cafe some time ago, and I’ve been looking for other interesting spots throughout the week. A few friends of mine suggested a couple of places which were like coffee shops, but not really coffee shops. It’s difficult to explain, but the concept is the following: you pay a certain amount every minute you spend at this place, and the rest...