Inspired: Web Design Showcase October 2009

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Browsing the Internet, reading Twitter streams, RSS feeds… I see billions of websites everyday (kidding) and there’s lots of stuff out there that inspires me everyday, so I’ve decided to run a new series called “Inspired” where I’ll post the most interesting stuff I come across (monthly, weekly, yearly, I don’t know yet, maybe I’ll close this down the very next day ;)

This is my first post in this series and I called it Web Design Showcase for October 2009. Since we’re talking about web design and design in general, I’ll keep this running in a gallery format, perhaps with a few comments for each entry (but not necessarily). I would also appreciate if you (the readers) would post a few links of something nice that you came across during the last few weeks, months, and perhaps you’ll make an entry for my next episode. But please, no offence, this is not a CSS gallery or anything, it’s stuff that I pick depending on personal tastes.

If you would like to visit any of the above websites just Google their names – they should come up eventually. I wouldn’t like to stuff the post with useless links and adverts ;) And yeah, the gallery looks terrific on Lightbox! Poor people that go blind searching for the “next” and “previous” buttons on Thickbox ;)

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