Gone Mobile: SSH Terminal on Your iPhone

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I was in a bus today in the morning standing in a traffic jam, when I suddenly got a call from my colleague Alex. He said that he messed up something in our database on my virual private server and didn’t know what to do because everything stopped working. Alex doesn’t know what SSH is and how to work with Putty so I had to figure this out all by myself and fast. Luckily I found TouchTerm – it’s a free SSH client for your iPhone. Download available in the App store.

It took me around thirty seconds to connect to my server, restore the database and make a couple of backups ;) screenshots:

6 thoughts on “Gone Mobile: SSH Terminal on Your iPhone

  1. Windows Users and Apple TV - Hackint0sh

    • The Lite version is free. Well at least it was when I got it, and I'm still using it, and also got updated a couple of times. Works on iPhone OS 3 too ;)

  2. Hmm. Looks like they know they’re product’s popular. It’s now 3.99$ :(

    No way I’m paying for an SSH client.

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