Twitter Friendly Links Video: Live at!

Hey there! I'm currently working on a CLI tool to deploy WordPress apps to DigitalOcean. Check it out! It's free and open source.

I’m very glad to announce that the Twitter Friendly Links video I did a couple of days ago is now hosted at! Big shout out to Michael who uploaded the video in HQ – thanks Mike!

There’s been a plugin update a few hours ago – 0.3.1. I managed to suit Twitter Friendly Links to blogs that run WordPress in a different directory. Also got a report that it doesn’t work for certain linking style in the multi-user WordPress (MU). Hope the new version fixes the issue. Oh, and I’m still looking for the plugins that conflict with Twitter Friendly Links (as reported earlier on the plugin page), can’t find it anywhere, and forums are dead too, how sad :( If anybody finds out something about it, please feedback – that’ll be so helpful!

And for those of you wondering what’s next… Here are some plans:

  • Customizable text for the Tweet area in Edit Post/Page forms
  • A simple API which will take a link to a certain post on input and output the short link for the post. This will hopefully let us pick Twitter Friendly Links in software like TweetDeck (instead of the standard tinyurl, trim, …) if everything goes well. I’ll be counting on you to vote ;)
  • Also need to come up with something to make third-party plugins (such as Twitter Tools, Sociable, Tweetmeme) tweet out cool links instead of TinyURLs

Guess that’s all for now. Suggestions are still welcome!

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Konstantin Kovshenin

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  • I just tried your plugin; permalinks were enabled but the short url didn't work.

    the twitter links page in settings was mangled in Chrome, firefox, and IE. Not sure what's going on there.

    • Hey Tim. Please let me know your WordPress and PHP versions. Mangled? Could you post a screenshot or something? Thanks!

    • The page is mangled because of way too much posts, LOL. I'll fix that ASAP, I promise :) Anyways, the plugin is not working because your permalinks are NOT enabled. I checked out your resource, all your links are /?p=4695, etc. Go to wordpress Settings, Permalinks and pick a structure (other than default).