27 thoughts on “Video: Twitter Friendly Links for WordPress

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  2. Hey, Konstantin. Very nice video. Good quality and I loved the pros and cons part.
    And the plugin itself is genius. I wonder why haven't anyone else come up with that?

  3. Excellent video Constantine (no frames haha!!) You know i didnt even know that about ( bit.ly ) and some of the other URL shorteners…Knowledge is power my friend, Thanks for sharing!!

    Keep it coming man, Visual learning is where its at!!

    • You're welcome mate. I actually loved making this video, so it's definitely not my last ;) Thanks for the comment!

  4. Well, Genius… need I say more? Really thought your video was professional, clear, easy to understand and informative. Top Job K :-)

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  6. I've seen this plugin in use at other WordPress sites, but no one shared their secrets on how they achieved it!

    I'm looking forward to having the analytics available for me with this great tool.

    Thank you!

  7. Genius, Kovshenin!

    And your willingness to share it is proof that you have much more class than 90% of the so-called "goo-roos."

    Keep 'em coming…


  8. I think I am missing something here.

    I am trying to display the actual shortlink in my theme, eg this Shortlink: https://konstantin.blog/794.

    But I can't get it to display?
    <code><?php if (function_exists("twitter_link")) { echo '<a href="' . twitter_link() . '" rel="nofollow"> '; } ?></code>

    Am I doing something wrong with my code?

    • Kelton, you're doing it right, just make sure that you're using the twitter_link function within "The Loop", otherwise provide it with a post id: twitter_link($post_id);

    • Lane, Twitter Tools used to do that, but they're shutting down the Basic Auth now, so don't know how long that'll live or whether Alex King would rewrite it to use OAuth. Until then you'll be fine with Google Feedburner ;)

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