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It’s July and it’s so damn hot back here! I think all the possible new records have been set last week in Moscow. Thank god we had those new air conditioners install in the office before the heat wave, otherwise it would’ve been impossible to work. Anyways, haven’t tweeted much this week, but I did go through my RSS feeds, and here are some interesting links for web design and development fans:

  • Browser Cover me – before you present your designs to your clients, make sure you give them a cool border with this online app. There are several different systems and browsers you can pick from, which makes it even more awesome!
  • phpQuery – how many times did you have to screenscrape a web page and dig something out of it? Yes, XPath is cool, but it doesn’t work with HTML people write these days ;) phpQuery gives you the power of jQuery selectors and functions in php!
  • 15 Must-Have Minimalist Icon Sets – an awesome freebie set for your new web designs. It’s quite important to keep using the fresh stuff, so posts like these are quite handy
  • 10 Useful WordPress Security Tweaks – a very nice article on Smashing Magazine about WordPress security. Very informative and awesome!
  • Konstantin’s Notes – okay okay, this is my Tumblr page which I use to post stuff on the fly, sometimes quite interesting ;) which makes it awesome too!

This was the short list for today. Stay tuned and thanks for sharing!

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