Facebook-style Lightbox with jQuery and Facebox

I recently came across an awesome plugin for jQuery which is called Facebox. Facebox produces a clean lightbox that can be a container for popup images, text and basically any HTML layout as well as AJAX powered content.

The problem with Facebox is the lightbox placement. The dialog itself is placed in the center of the page horizontally with a preset margin from the top, which looks good, but what I did notice is that the box containing the loading icon is being placed somewhere to the left part of the page. Well at least on Firefox 3.5.7.

I couldn’t help but noticing that FamSpam and StaffTool are using a different set of functions and styles for the lightbox placement and copying them into my code solved the issue.

The two functions are called getPageScroll() and getPageHeight() and are marked as quirksmode.com inside the code. The #facebox style in the CSS lacked a width: 100% which seems to have solved the issue for now. There’s also a certain overlay in the original version which includes an interesting IE6 hack:

height: expression(document.body.scrollHeight > document.body.offsetHeight ?
	document.body.scrollHeight : document.body.offsetHeight + 'px');

The versions at Stafftool and FamSpam however don’t mention any overlays in there code. Pretty messy, huh? Well, other than that, the plugin is very lightweight and cross-browser, works well in IE and closes the popup when pressing Esc, which unfortunately has to be hand-coded in other versions of the Facebook-style dialog boxes.

Grab the code at GitHub and enjoy: Facebox for jQuery.

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