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Hey there, long time no read eh? Well the reason to that is that I’ve been extremely busy with an exciting project, and today I’m glad to announce it, although it’s been launched last week. is a blog, journal, magazine (call it whatever you like) about fine tuning your WordPress themes. And what does that mean? Fine Tune Your WordPress Themes

Well, themes for WordPress are certainly not new, but they are hot. Especially with the competition constantly growing (both free and premium themes) and the different market places getting bigger every day. This definitely is an opportunity for both businesses and freelance designers and developers to “get out there and make some good products” (and some money, of course). is focused on the “good” part of that sentence, meaning that we’ll eventually teach you how to get the best out of WordPress for you and your customers (whether they’re developers/agencies or end-users). We’ll show you the best practices of creating free and premium themes, where the free ones are more strict, while the premium ones are less strict but require that “extra thing” to get the attention of the buyers.

We’ll guide you through all the aspects of web design and cover the design trends, the ones adaptable for WordPress themes. We’ll give you some performance tips to make sure your customers (and Google) are always happy with the speed of their websites. Perhaps some WordPress and SEO tips for the ones hungry to get exposed and obviously WordPress related news and discussions, so that you’re always up to date, while being on schedule these busy days ;)

Here’s are the highlights of from last week:

Hope that’s something to catch your attention, but wait, there’s more! Probably something I shouldn’t speak about yet, but I will — we’re getting an iPhone App for Now ssshh ;) Subscribe to the RSS feed and follow us on Twitter, and if you feel like you can contribute to, we’re always open to discussions, just hit me on Twitter or Skype ;)

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