is Back Online, and now Filled with WordPress Goodness!

Hey there! I'm currently working on a CLI tool to deploy WordPress apps to DigitalOcean. Check it out! It's free and open source.

Twitter Analytics has got a new home, again! I’ve spent a few days working on a complete overhaul since Google App Engine’s pricing model has changed, which made the app consume over $5/week. It’s not big money but I thought I’d rather host the app next to my own blog for free ;)

The (yet another) new version of is powered by WordPress, so if you’ve got friends who still think WordPress is for blogs only, share this with them. Instead of inventing a new user interface I went with Bootstrap and was able to prototype the whole thing really, really fast. I removed the followers geography part for now, I’ll need to find a better way to lay that out and make it actually function. Meanwhile you can enjoy two brand new sections.

New to is a Twitter analytics application that gathers a bunch of interesting stuff from a public Twitter profile. Mike’s profile is a good place to start with ;)

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