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After quite a long delay we’ve finally got to launch the interview together with @kymhuynh at WordCast Conversations. Listened to it a couple of times, seems like I said the words “complex” and “complicated” three thousand times, but Kym said it was okay ;)

Kym Huynh talks with Konstantin Kovshenin about his work with robotics and his passion for WordPress, WordPress Plugins, APIs, and the WordPress Community he hopes to ignite in Russia.

We spoke with Kym last year when WordPress 3.0 was sexy with all it’s new features and stuff, so you might feel it a little bit updated. Perhaps I should ask Kym to record a follow-up ;) Anyways, the rest of the interview is all about me, my story, hobbies, what I do and how I write code. Mentioned are Visual Basic, C++ and ASP (who would have thought?). I still have those blog posts on my first .NET MVC project, I would have spoken about it and about Python too. But anyhow, was great being on the show!

So head over here to listen to the episode, then head back and let me know what you think about it. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to retweet this post. Cheers!

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