Minimal Georgia Gets an Update: Post Formats & More

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Minimal Georgia 1.4.1 ReleasedMinimal Georgia for WordPress was introduced a couple of weeks ago, and today there’s over 2000 downloads! I know this doesn’t mean that all 2000 are using the theme, but they at least had a look, which is okay for my first ever WordPress theme ;)

The new (1.4.1) version has got some major updates and improvements. The most exciting are definitely post formats (audio, video, gallery, image, quote, link, status and chat) and drop-down menus!

Yeah, I figured that one navigation menu line might not be enough for some users, which is why I introduced the drop-downs (totally fit the five available color schemes). I also went forward and removed the one-line restriction, which means that the primary navigation menu could now be in two, three and four rows. Same applies to the blog title on the top left, a title of any possible length should fit well in there, making the whole header just bigger in height.

There’s also an Italian translation available, grazie molto a Gianni Diurno ;) and any other translations are welcome. Russian was done by me (of course), the .pot file is in the languages directory in the theme distribution.

Here’s a complete list of all the improvements from 1.3 to 1.4.1:

  • Now with post formats!
  • Header now fluid (vertically), fits long blog titles and many more navigation menus
  • Minor admin UI and security fixes
  • Minor changes in editor style
  • Color picker has been widgetized
  • SEO friendliness on homepage and singular pages
  • The navigation menu has now drop-downs for sub menus
  • Minor fixes for Firefox overflow bug
  • Line height has been set to 1.5 em for better readability
  • Italian translation has been added

Preview and download is available at the Themes Directory. Comments, contributions and suggestions are always welcome on the Minimal Georgia page. Cheers!

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  • Hi, Love the theme.

    I tried creating child themes from it… realized that the css were hard coded into the header, I know some people do it for speed. But i was wondering if you could/would use @import in the header of the stylesheet (style.css).

    Thanks again for the great theme.

    • Shawn, I'm not too good with child themes. Let's talk this through on Skype my handle is kovshenin. I might give you access to the github project :) Cheers!