Woot! Zendesk Rolls Out Their WordPress Plugin!

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Zendesk for WordPressWhen it comes to customer support, the first thing that pops into my mind is Zendesk — a web-based helpdesk software. And trust me, it’s difficult to find anything better than that, proof is the list of their clients — Twitter, Tumblr, Groupon, Rackspace and more.

I’ve been playing around with Zendesk for quite a while now, and planning a full-blown customization usage on our WordPress themes website launching this summer. One of the most exciting parts of Zendesk is their REST API and a sweet little thing called Remote Authentication that lets you centralize the helpdesk’s and your application’s users.

Surprisingly, Zendesk rolled out their WordPress plugin this week which is based on that very same API, which is kind of cool, and it has most of the features you’ll be expecting in a helpdesk dashboard for your WordPress blog. So no more browsing back and forth between your blog and your helpdesk, Zendesk for WordPress lets you:

  • Browse your tickets in the WordPress Dashboard
  • View tickets details, comments and attachments right within WordPress
  • Convert your WordPress comments into Zendesk tickets
  • Use the Zendesk dropbox to capture support requests right from the front end of your site
  • Allow your website’s users access your helpdesk without extra login/registration screens

The plugin also lets your existing WordPress users submit support requests, which kind of replaces the “Technical Support for WordPress” plugin I wrote quite some time ago, and believe me — Zendesk is way better than e-mail, unless of course you have one request per month ;)

Download the Zendesk for WordPress plugin from the WordPress.org plugins directory or install it via your admin panel. Make sure you have a valid Zendesk account to try it out, you can get one free for 30 days. You can find more information as well as some screenshots on the product page.

Have fun, provide good support to your customers and never miss a support request again! Thanks for reading and retweeting!

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