10 Things to Speed up WordPress

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Ross Johnson talks about the importance of page load times in today’s world. CSS and JavaScript compression, clean HTML and compressed images, CSS sprites, page and object caching, content delivery networks and more. If your WordPress site is slow, watch this video for a handful of tips on how to make it faster.

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Konstantin Kovshenin

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  • Great tips but i guess its a bit like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    You get shared hosting at an incredibly cheap yearly fee and the more content you add, the slower your site gets so you need to speed it up.

    On top of that, some web hosts put 6-10,000 sites on one server which means your site loads really slowly especially in peak periods and you can end up getting throttled or even suffer downtime.

    Then you need to watch video’s like the one above to learn how to fix the problem.

    I’ve already been through this and moved to managed WordPress servers which specialize in speed including everything you see in this video.

    You get what you pay for 9 times out of ten.

    Excellent video

    • Thanks for your comment Brad! I agree, shared hosting can be a nightmare, but dedicated managed hosting can be expensive. My site’s not the fastest in the world, but I’m running on a $20/mo VPS which has been good to me for years, but you need to have some admin skills to manage that, or hire someone.

    • Understand Konstantin.

      I went from Pro shared to level 3 then level 4 VPS which cost me $80 a month because i didn’t learn how to manage it myself and the provider took several months to iron out the problems.

      Then i discovered managed hosting and haven’t looked back, so far.

      Sounds like you can get a great deal on VPS and even dedicated servers if you know how to set them up and ,manage them yourself or pay someone to do it.

      Thanks for sharing the video