3 thoughts on “Jetpack 1.3 Released, now with Grunion Contact Forms

  1. This may be a silly question, but should I be concerned about Jetpack’s performance? I’ve always run all of my blogs myself and tried to keep my plugin count down. I think Jetpack could be really useful, though.

    I’ve read of a handful of people who have had it slow down their site significantly. Maybe that’s just wrong information out there? I wondered if you could just give me your quick thoughts. If I only use the Twitter widget and maybe one other — on a small site with less than 250 unique visitors a month — should I have any problems?

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for your comment! No, you shouldn’t be concerned about Jetpack’s performance. Yes, there are many poorly-written plugins that will slow your website down, but Jetpack is not one of them. However, in my experience, 99% of all the cases of “slow websites” are related to server configuration only and one page caching plugin :) Cheers!

  2. Cool. Thanks! I kind of figured as much, but with it being such a big suite I just wanted to make sure. I appreciate the response. This is good news. I’ll activate it and use the Twitter widget to start. :)

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