Jetpack 1.3 Released, now with Grunion Contact Forms

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Jetpack Contact Forms

Jetpack 1.3 has been released, and it now ships with the Grunion Contact Forms plugin, the very same forms plugin that’s running (behind the scenes) on The update fixes a couple of small bugs as well. You should be able to download it from your Dashboard very soon.

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  • This may be a silly question, but should I be concerned about Jetpack’s performance? I’ve always run all of my blogs myself and tried to keep my plugin count down. I think Jetpack could be really useful, though.

    I’ve read of a handful of people who have had it slow down their site significantly. Maybe that’s just wrong information out there? I wondered if you could just give me your quick thoughts. If I only use the Twitter widget and maybe one other — on a small site with less than 250 unique visitors a month — should I have any problems?

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for your comment! No, you shouldn’t be concerned about Jetpack’s performance. Yes, there are many poorly-written plugins that will slow your website down, but Jetpack is not one of them. However, in my experience, 99% of all the cases of “slow websites” are related to server configuration only and one page caching plugin :) Cheers!

  • Cool. Thanks! I kind of figured as much, but with it being such a big suite I just wanted to make sure. I appreciate the response. This is good news. I’ll activate it and use the Twitter widget to start. :)