The Jetpack Carousel

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Galleries on self-hosted WordPress blogs have just become more awesome. The latest update to Jetpack brings the Carousel — a full-screen experience for your image galleries.

I absolutely love how the carousel works with already existing galleries, doesn’t need its own shortcode or anything, and integrates well into the existing Settings – Media section. By the way, these photos are from my trip to Playa del Carmen and Tulum in Mexico earlier this year.

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Konstantin Kovshenin

WordPress Core Contributor, ex-Automattician, public speaker and consultant, enjoying life in Moscow. I blog about tech, WordPress and DevOps.


  • I want to use this on my site! Testing it on yours, though, it does not look very impressive on my mobile android nexus s. Maybe some out of the box additional styling is necessary. Love how jetpack is progressing however!

  • I noticed the new addition on one of my client’s sites.

    I really like it, but at first I missed the tiny “x” in the corner to close the window. I thought there was no way to navigate back to your starting page.

    Very nice otherwise. Great pics btw.

    Thank you,

    • Thanks Konstantin! I noticed that after my comment, and you can also click off of the image like most overlays…but if you click on the other image, it scrolls.

      After playing with it a while, i think it’s a really cool addition!