Posterous Joins Twitter. Customers Join WordPress

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Even though there’s no reblog feature on self-hosted WordPress blogs, I absolutely have to reblog this: Reblogged from News

Posterous Import to

It’s been just over two years since we first launched our Posterous importer and I never could have predicted how the blogging space would evolve so quickly in that time. As you may have seen in the news today, the Posterous team is joining Twitter, which we know will be exciting for our friends at Twitter and well-earned for Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal.

And this is even more exciting:

We’ve had an over 250% spike in the number of imports the past few hours, so it seems timely to recap how the importer works.

A 250% spike! And that’s not counting self-hosted blogs, incredible, and quite obvious at the same time. The Posterous importer works well for both hosted blogs, as well as self-hosted blogs via the plugin. So what are you waiting for? If you ever thought of switching from Posterous to WordPress, now’s the best time to do it.

Tumblr, hope you’re ready, cause you’re next ;)

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  • It’ll be better for Posterous to open their WordPress importer which they suddenly closed about several months ago.

  • Im doing exactly the same thing…this was a kick in the ass I needed to move my dog blog over to wordpress and I started doing it last night by updating the DNS record.

    As of 2 weeks ago, you are wrong that there’s no ReBlog feature for self-hosted WordPress blogs :-)

    In fact, you helped us with it :-) thnx for that, btw.

    The new version of Triberr plugin includes ReBlog feature for self-hosted wordpress blogs. More info here

    And with a replicated comment system, you can reply to all comments from any reblogged version of the post. #sweet :-)