Publish: A Free Minimal and Responsive WordPress Theme

I’m pleased to announce that Publish is now available for download in the themes directory. Publish is a theme I’ve been working on for quite a while, started back last year and then released to GitHub in February this year. When I started contributing to _s, I did a complete revamp of the theme, but kept the main intent — a minimal blogging theme with focus on the content.

Publish is ideal for single-author blogs, but supports multi-author blogs too. To change the “logo” Gravatar, you’ll need to change the main administrator e-mail address via Settings – General. Publish supports navigation menus, has a sidebar for your widgets, implements threaded comments, has support for various post formats and the sticky post. It has also got a responsive layout, with a drop-down menu for mobile devices. Other features, including post thumbnails, are on their way, so hang in there, or submit a patch!

Give it a spin and let me know what you think. Since theme reviews are live on, I’d really appreciate one, whether good or bad. If you would like to contribute to Publish, feel free to open pull requests or issues on GitHub.

17 thoughts on “Publish: A Free Minimal and Responsive WordPress Theme

    • Hey Scott, you’ll need to get a Gravatar first. Once you have set a Gravatar for your e-mail address, make sure that e-mail address is set in your WordPress install under Settings – General – E-mail address. Also, it might take a few minutes for newly registered Gravatars to start displaying around the web, so hang in there :)

      Let me know if this helps! Thanks.

  1. Great theme, but it overrides my images width + heights, using the real proportions. Is there a solution for this? Can I erase some code from one or another file? I’d love to use your theme since it is even more minimal than the one I use now. Hope you have a solution for this image problem (I am not using the image gallery, I use ftp).

    • Thank you Alfred! If the theme is breaking your images, perhaps it’s a bug with the theme which I should sort out. Contact me via Skype (kovshenin) or e-mail (kovshenin at gmail dot com) with the URL and a detailed explanation of the problem. Thanks!

    • Thanks for responding so fast! I will contact you through gmail and send you some screenshots, since I can’t run your theme live right now (for my visitors).

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