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    • Hi Brad, not really. Your Dropbox images are “sideloaded” into WordPress and served from there, meaning that they’ll be available even if they’re deleted from your Dropbox. So the plugin is just an easy way to copy your Dropbox photos into your Media Library :)

  • Great. It works! Solve my problems because of HTTP Error while uploading image from my PC. But the first time, my image did not appeared well because I have space in my image file name. Although the space is replaced by %20 but still, the image is not appeared well. Thank you Kov for tweet this and Otto for make this plugin. :-)

    • Hey Guys, Otto has given me a fix for this issue.

      Try this. On line 181, change:

      $result = media_sideload_image($tempurl['url'], $post_id);


      $result = media_sideload_image(urldecode($tempurl['url']), $post_id);

      That should eliminate the %20’s and the URL should still work for the
      sideload code. Although the resulting filename on the WP side will
      have the spaces eliminated from it entirely, it should at least be
      named in a useful manner.

  • does this plugin work only for wordpress hosted blogs, or does it work on self-hosted wordpress sites as well? i don’t have any tabs in my media uploader page.

    • Hi Carl, WordPress.com hosted blogs don’t have plugins, this is for self-hosted WordPress.org blogs only. Read the installation guide on some details on how to set it up correctly. Cheers!