The only true way to test websites against IE6

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You can find IE6 usage stats on and always remember to direct your clients and customers to! What about you? Which software and tools do you use to test your markup, styles and scripts against IE 6 and other old versions of IE?

Also interesting on Quora: Why is 34% of China still using Internet Explorer 6?

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  • I work primarily on Windows so for me IE testing is just a case of running IETester. It includes the JS and rendering engines for IE 5.5 to IE 10. You might save your sanity a little by running that on a Win7 install, rather than battling with IE6 on WinXP.

    The Firebug Lite bookmarklet is invaluable for when you hit a rendering bug and sit there wondering how you ever developed anything for a browser without a DOM inspector. Astoundingly, it even works in IE6.

    • Hi John, thanks for your comment! I worked with IETester back in my Windows days, but I did notice its IE6 rendering was quite different than IE6 on XP in a VM, it might have improved since those days.

      Thanks for the Firebug Lite tip, sounds like something I’ll be using very soon!