Dear WordPress Theme Developers, Stop Using TimThumb

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Just a reminder, since this weekend I had to help out with yet another TimThumb-powered WordPress theme, broken by a “security patch” at the web hosting provider. This time it was Acquisto by Press75. The problems of Acquisto are not limited to thumbnails.

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  • I use timthumb probably way to much. It is super easy to resize images on the fly, Especially when you create a new theme and the images don’t fit in very well. But you reminded me that I did not want to use timthumb anymore and on the site that I just finished yesterday and went live with, I use timthumb extensively.

    So right now, I just deleted timthumb and added all the sizes add_image_size and then used ajax rebuild thumbnails and that was it. Since the site is new, it was super easy for me to do this. But I now have the knowledge to do it to the other sites that I manage.

    Thanks so much for reminding me at such a perfect time!


    • Weston, you’re welcome! add_image_size is the easiest way to deal with thumbnails in the WordPress API, but there’s a bunch of other stuff like crop, resize, flip and even rotate :)

      Yes thumbnail regeneration plugins are such life savers when it comes to switching or modifying themes, I remember around a year ago I had to regenerate over 2000 images, not too much, but took a while!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hey, my website uses TimThumb, I want to stop using it because I can’t rebuild thumbnails using it and some of my old images are stretched and stuff.

    Any advice on how to proceed?