WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 is hereĀ and it’s awesome. Media’s lovely, hyphens in shortcodes now work, and switch_to_blog() is so fast, your dog will never catch it, unless your database is down, in which case you should try HyperDB. Always nice to see your own name in the list of contributors, which makes 3.5 the fourth major version I contributed to with at least one patch. The feeling is good...

WordPress 3.5 Media Wireframes

Check out the Media Wireframes for WordPress 3.5 published in the make/ui blog, ready for some feedback. I’m really loving what the guys are doing, and when it gets implemented, it’ll make me want to use the visual editor again :)

Nacin and Westi on the Admin Menu Code

Without a doubt, the worst code in core exists in admin/menu.php, admin/includes/menu.php, and admin/menu-header.php
Andrew Nacin

And in reply to Andrew:

It’s not code, it’s bits that met and became bytes.
Peter Westwood

WordPress 3.4 Hits the Shelves

WordPress 3.4 is here! Update your site now to try the new theme customizer, better headers, HTML captions & more: — WordPress (@WordPress) June 13, 2012 Better, faster, more secure, and shinier than ever before! You will be able to upgrade from within your WordPress dashboard in the next few hours. Keep an eye out on the download counter too, and if you’re a plugin or theme...

WordPress 3.4 RC3

WordPress 3.4 RC3 is now available. Start the countdown to final launch!
— WordPress (@WordPress) June 12, 2012

WordPress 3.4 Field Guide for Developers

A new API for custom headers and backgrounds, flexible headers, live previews (the Theme Customizer), changes around XML-RPC and i18n and l10n. All of this and more in the WordPress 3.4 Field Guide for Developers.

WordPress 3.4 is ready for beta testers!

WordPress 3.4 is ready for beta testers! Flexible header sizes, new XML-RPC API, a bunch of performance improvements, and my personal favorite — The Theme Customizer. Give it a shot, and don’t forget to report any bugs you encounter.