Wilhelm Joys Andersen: Responsive Web Design

From WordCamp Norway 2012, earlier this year, an awesome presentation by Wilhelm, who takes us through the world of responsive wed design. It isn’t something new, I agree, and as he mentions media queries have been around for over 10 years. However, it’s very nice to catch up on things, since a lot of WordPress theme developers are still overlooking all of this.

One important aspect that Wilhelm mentions is that your printer is a device as well. Nothing to do with media queries, but reminds me of the importance of the print stylesheet. Also to keep in mind is that responsive doesn’t necessarily mean device, but the browser width too. It’s nice if you can shrink your browser width and still be able to read without scrolling left and right, I wish we had this in the PHP functions reference and the WordPress Codex — would save me a bunch of Cmd+Tab hits back and forth.

Anyway, how are you using responsive web design? What are your favorite examples? What grids and/or CSS frameworks would you recommend for responsive web design? Have you tried changing the browser width on my blog? Thank you for taking the time to read/watch this, and feel free to subscribe for more goodies!

Daniel Bachhuber: The Zen of WordPress Development

Daniel Bachhuber of Automattic’s WordPress.com VIP team, gave this awesome talk at WordCamp Phoenix 2012 earlier this year. He walked through some things developers are overlooking when working with WordPress, and some great tips and tricks to speed up your development workflow.

One thing I learned from that talk is that I should stop using Textmate’s “search in project” and use ack instead, which is faster, available in the command line environment (no need for GUI), and has a bunch of options for output customization. By the way, here’s how you install ack on OS X:

  • Download and install MacPorts if you haven’t already.
  • Open your Terminal and type sudo port install p5-app-ack

You can find the notes and slides to the presentation on Daniel’s blog, and by the way, it was originally called “Five tenets to mastering WordPress development” :)

Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Diet Pills, SEO, and Theme Frameworks by Andy Stratton

Andy Stratton gave a presentation called “Diet Pills, SEO, and Theme Frameworks” at WordCamp Chicago 2011. He talked about WordPress themes, frameworks, marketplaces and a lot of related misconceptions, and some of the many problems with commercial themes including SEO, customization, child themes. Here’s a quote if you haven’t got time to watch the whole video.

There are no shortcuts to awesome!

So if your clients think that $30 themes are flexible, customizable and awesome products that will solve all their business problems, they might be wrong. Thank you Andy for clearing that out! Andy’s presentation is on SlideShare too!