Updating Plugins Feels Good

I have updated two plugins I wrote a long time ago, which haven’t been updated in years, and were not fully compatible with the recent versions of WordPress. It felt very good, especially since I managed to rewrite both plugins in only a few hours, and looking at my old code made me realize how much I have learned.
I feel like I should do this more often.

Go Beyond Draft-Publish-Pending in WordPress

If Draft, Pending, and Publish don’t suit your needs, you can always add more with register_post_status, which will take care of pretty much everything, except the admin UI where you actually have to pick a post status. Ticket #12706 takes care of that, so feel free to try out the existing patches, and report back to Trac.

Disable Object Cache Addition/Invalidation in WordPress

You can temporarily disable object caching in WordPress‚Ĩ by calling: wp_suspend_cache_addition( true ); Ref. You can turn addition back on by passing false as the only argument. There’s a similar approach for object cache invalidation. However, there’s a big chance persistent object caching plugins won’t implement these functions like WordPress built-in object caching does, so...

Moscow WordPress Meetup Scheduled for July 21st

The fifth WordPress Meetup in Moscow will be held this Saturday, June 21st. We’ll be talking about P2, GlotPress, theming WordPress and a tech talk about the caching methods available in WordPress. If you’re in Moscow and would like to join us, please RSVP on Facebook.

Clear DNS Cache in Google Chrome

You can navigate to chrome://net-internals/#dns to clear the DNS cache in Google Chrome. This helps when juggling virtual hosts in your /etc/hosts file, as well as the dscacheutil -flushcache command in OS X, to flush system-wide DNS cache.

Plugin Headers for Must-Use Plugins

You don’t necessarily need a plugin header for mu-plugins. Must-use plugins will be loaded regardless. Leaving the header out helps when you need to test something real quick, but when you see that your “test” starts shaping into a real plugin, do add a descriptive header — that’s just good practice :)

Moscow Django Meetup

I’m not a huge fan of Django¬†although Python is one of my favorite languages. Last week I heard about a Django Meetup happening in Moscow, so I decided to give it a go. It was fun, there were three speakers and around forty attendees, in a really nice venue. The three topics were PyCharm IDE, Continuous Integration and a different (and rather strange) approach at handling HTTP requests in...

US Visa

I finally got my US visa today, multiple entry, for two years! It took 11 days after the interview at the US Embassy in Moscow. Fun fact, they stapled the receipt right to my passport, hope that doesn’t render it illegal. Making travel plans for August and September :)