WordPress.org Plugin and Theme Reviews

As reported by Otto, plugin and theme reviews on WordPress.org are live, and here’s a demo! This allows plugin and theme users to not only give a one-to-five star rating, but to also provide some actual feedback, of what they liked or disliked about that particular theme or plugin. It provides an extra channel of communication between the users and developers, which makes it easier to understand those “one stars.”

Thank you Scott Reilly and the team, for finally making this happen!

Introducing Underscores.me

Underscores.me — The Best Way To Get Started With The _s Theme on ThemeShaper. It’s a project Hugo Baeta and I have been working of in the past few days. Make sure you check it out and come back with some feedback. If you’d like your face to appear in the list of contributors, make sure you contribute at least one patch (or pull request) to the underscores project on Github. Have fun!

Otto on Caching in WordPress

Otto describes why neither page caching, nor persistent object caching are part of the WordPress core, and why they probably never will be. The main reasons are the way WordPress is architected, and the way it is used by the majority.

If you’re a person writing a blog that gets less than 1000 hits a day, caching ain’t going to do much for you.

And my favorite, about why object cache doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) use the database for persistent storage:

Trust the MySQL query optimizer, it’s smarter than you are.

WordPress as an Issue Tracker

With the recently updated P2 Resolved Posts plugin, your WordPress blog can now be a full-blown issue tracker, given that it’s running the awesome P2 Theme.

You can see it in action on make.wordpress.org/systems, where red posts are unresolved issues, and green posts are resolved. Sidebar widgets can also help list all your current unresolved posts as well as recently resolved ones, filterable by tags. And don’t forget about the already existing features in P2, like @mentions and to-do lists!

Bulk User Management in WordPress Multisite

Bulk User Management Plugin

The WordPress.com VIP team has launched a new plugin called Bulk User Management, which is very useful if you’re running Multisite with more than a couple of sites in the network, and more than one user. Bulk User Management gives you an overview of all your network users, and their roles on the different sites. It allows you to bulk edit the users and easily give them a role on new sites, without having to actually visit those sites. Nice?

You can get the plugin form the WordPress.org directory or clone it from Github.

Twenty Twelve is Back in the Game

Twenty Twelve Demo

Twenty Twelve is back in trunk now and looking pretty amazing, aiming for 3.5. The theme options code is one of my favorite parts, showing off the 3.4 customizer and the Settings API. One thing I absolutely love about default themes in WordPress, is the fact that they show you how to make things right. I think studying a default theme is way more valuable, than reading a whole pile of WordPress books, or attending some kind of WordPress courses.