Custom Colors on

Now that’s an awesome way to leverage the WordPress 3.4 theme customizer! The Custom Design upgrade on gets a Custom Colors update — it allows you to color your blog to your taste, with those awesome predefined color palettes, color matching recommendations, or complete control with manual color picking. Let’s hope the whole Custom Design package makes it into...

Locking Down WordPress

Locking Down WordPress is a book by CodePoet featuring Rachel Baker, Brad Williams, and John Ford. If you want to know why and how WordPress sites get hacked, and a handful of tips on how to prevent that, this free book is an awesome place to start. It’s quite short and even has a TL;DR section for those of you who are busy.

Default Post Thumbnails in WordPress

Justin Tadlock wrote about the right ways to add default post thumbnails to your WordPress themes. One method is to filter on post_thumbnail_html, and the second method is to simply use else with has_post_thumbnail. The second method is easier to understand, straightforward and future-proof. The filter in the first method would only work well when we need to change the markup of the thumbnail...

Plugin Licenses, Upsells and Add-Ons

Mika shared some interesting thoughts about Plugin Licenses, Upsells and Add-Ons. Take a look at the comments too, where Otto explains some of his ideas on using basic WordPress actions and filtres to activate/deactivate pro and free features.

Help @Ipstenu go to WordCamp San Francisco

Wanna go to WordCamp San Francisco this year? Well guess what, you’re not the only one! Mika EpsteinĀ (better known asĀ Ipstenu) wants to go there too. She’s been contributing to WordPress a lot, especially around the support forums, so why don’t you help her raise $1,000 for her trip to SF?

Helping WordPress Developers Develop

The brand new Developer Plugin has been revealed last night on the VIP blog. It’s a gate to some awesome developer tools and plugins for WordPress, including Debug Bar, Debug Bar Cron, Rewrite Rules Inspector and a bunch of others. Obviously more developer tools will be added with new releases.

The Ultimate Guide to WP_List_Table

Without a doubt, the best WP_List_Table tutorial is in class-wp-list-table.php and the rest of the list table classes in wp-admin/includes. Seriously, you should not go looking any further :)

The Fourth Moscow WordPress Meetup

The fourth WordPress Meetup in Moscow will be held this Saturday morning. We’ll be talking about WordPress translation tools, versus, WordPress as an application platform and probably some tech talk about WP_Query. Tune it for the event and don’t forget to join the Moscow WordPress Meetup Group on Facebook.