Changing the Default Theme in WordPress Multisite

It’s important for a network (WordPress Multisite) to have a valid default theme for newly created sites. The current version sets this to twentyeleven in default-constants.php. If your default theme isn’t installed or disabled network-wide, you might face some errors when creating new sites in the network. You can define WP_DEFAULT_THEME in your wp-config.php file.

Tip: esc_url versus esc_url_raw

This tweet gained some good attention on Twitter, so I thought it would be good to explain why. Then I found a support forums thread where Mark Jaquith pretty much explains it all: esc_url() is for something like <a href="SANITIZE_THIS">text</a> So if you’re going to use the URL in your HTML output, like a href attribute for a link, or a src attribute for an image element, you...

Dear WordPress Theme Developers, Stop Using TimThumb

Just a reminder, since this weekend I had to help out with yet another TimThumb-powered WordPress theme, broken by a “security patch” at the web hosting provider. This time it was Acquisto by Press75. The problems of Acquisto are not limited to thumbnails.

Quitting Applications with Dvorak

I wrote earlier that I’ve been training myself on the Dvorak keyboard layout lately, so the fun part is that the Dvorak Q is right where the Qwerty X is and I’m a crazy user of shortcut keys, so there you have it! Can’t wait to make the full switch. By the way, I’m using this plugin to embed tweets.

Change the WordPress Core to Django

I couldn’t not post this tweet by Andrew Nacin. Seriously, why not change the WordPress core to Django? ;) Perhaps the author of the quote meant a Django-style templating engine, which is indeed cool and quite popular too. Oh well, that was a good laugh, thank you!

Plugins vs. "… Without a Plugin"

Posted this yesterday on Twitter, thanks for all the retweet and fave love! I started seeing quite a lot of tweets and posts on how to do things “without a plugin” in WordPress and 99% of them involve writing snippets in your theme’s functions.php file. Now, how does that differ from writing a plugin? It’s more difficult to manage and maintain. If something stops working...