Daniel Bachhuber: The Zen of WordPress Development

Daniel Bachhuber of Automattic’s VIP team, gave this awesome talk at WordCamp Phoenix 2012 earlier this year. He walked through some things developers are overlooking when working with WordPress, and some great tips and tricks to speed up your development workflow. One thing I learned from that talk is that I should stop using Textmate’s “search in project”...

John Hawkins: Intro to Child Theming

It’s never too late to learn about child themes in WordPress, and in this video from WordCamp San Diego, John walks us through the very basics of child theming, overriding templates, overriding vs. pluggable functions and of course theme frameworks.

Diet Pills, SEO, and Theme Frameworks by Andy Stratton

Andy Stratton gave a presentation called “Diet Pills, SEO, and Theme¬†Frameworks” at WordCamp Chicago 2011. He talked about WordPress themes, frameworks, marketplaces and a lot of related misconceptions, and some of the many problems with commercial themes including SEO, customization, child themes. Here’s a quote if you haven’t got time to watch the whole video. There are...

Advanced Topics in WordPress Development

Andrew Nacin and Otto Wood gave a great talk at WordCamp Montreal a couple of weeks ago on Advanced Topics in WordPress Development. They cover some of the cool stuff available in the WordPress like taxonomy and meta queries, the filesystem API, transients and embeds. Great to learn from the pros ;)