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The Pro Web 2.0 Mashups book I wrote about earlier is going great and I finally got to the blogging chapters. Standalone blogging, yeah that was a news for me. I mean it is obvious that offline/standalone blogging is applicable to WordPress and other blogging systems, and that’s one of the main reasons why the XML-RPC protocol is supported by them, right? Well I just didn’t see the benefits of offline posting.

Actually, this is my very first offline post, so I’m not so sure that it’ll come out safe and sound, but I really do trust Microsoft in some ways, although I’m in love with Fedora Linux. Anyways, Microsoft Windows Live Writer seems great and has lots of cool features. It’s not just a plain-text editor that’ll post through XML-RPC, so I suggest you check it out: It supports most of the blogging systems that we use today.

I’m currently experiencing problems linking it to my russian weblog, maybe it’s because I self-customized the theme (losing some meta tags), or just no wordpress 2.6.2 support. I’ll be sure to upgrade and check that out next week.

UPD 5 minutes later: Yup yup! ;)

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