AR-600 in Moscow

Okay, these are kind of old from an exhibition in Moscow in like December 2008. Previously hosted by Flickr, and today I decided to have duplicates here, ’cause Flickr will not display more than 200 photos from my photostream, so here’s probably a safer place (unless my hosting provider messes up). This is an android robot, similar to Honda ASIMO. It’s called i-Van and the model name’s AR-600. It’s still being developed by Android Robotics Corp. in Russia, so I’ll get back to you with the improvements in a couple of months.

Sorry for the quality, I hadn’t had a camera back then so I caught those on my Nokia cellphone. It was fun though, our Russian president Dmitry Medvedev shook hands with the android, and then the newspapers here posted out some good photos of them both, stating that Dmitry’s standing on the right, in case somebody got confused LOL. BTW that’s me in the orange shirt. It was almost midnight and we had a bunch of technical problems, that’s why I looked so sad.

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2 thoughts on “AR-600 in Moscow

  1. Really interesting to see. would have loved to read more about it all actually, or if there are any links to more information? Looking forward to reading about the updates, will there be any video of it?


    • Oh hey Christine. There’s only some boring tech info about AR-600 in russian stating that it runs under Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. I don’t think that would interest anybody except roboteers. Anyways I’ll surely post the promo videos whenever they’re ready so stay tuned!

      If you can’t wait to watch him move then you could visit my russian blog about robots at you can google translate that into english :)

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