A List of Awesome WordPress Blogs to Follow

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Whether you’re a WordPress expert, beginner or simply a blogger running WordPress, WordPress MU, BuddyPress or any others, here’s a little list of WordPress blogs that you should definitely follow (not mentioning the WordPress Development Blog and Matt Mullenweg’s Blog, and maybe #wordpress on Twitter, I assume you’re following them since your first ever WordPress installation ;). These include themes, development tutorials, plugins, SEO and publishing tips, customization techniques and much more. Ordered by my preference.

Weblog Tools Collection

Over 15,000 subscribers, plugin and theme releases lists and news, WordPress video tutorials, code snippets and much more. Running around by the name of @weblogtooltips on Twitter. Here’s a quick list of some of their posts:

WP Recipes

With over 6,000 readers WpRecipes.com is one of my favourite blogs for “Daily recipes to cook with WordPress”, known as @catswhocode on Twitter. Here are some posts from WP Recipes:

WordPress Tavern

Sweet blog with tonnes of tips and tricks, WordPress events, also covering WordPress MU, BuddyPress and bbPress. @wptavern on Twitter.

WordPress for Beginners

If you’re a beginner in WordPress then you should definitely follow this blog. Very nice tutorials about customizing WordPress.

Lorelle on WordPress

For WordPress news, events. Not much tutorials here, but being up to date with what’s happening around WordPress is always a great idea. On Twitter: @lorelleonwp.

Theme Playground

Hosted by Ryan Imel Theme Playground is definitely a must-follow blog for WordPress themes & plugins, reviews, code snippets and giveaways.

WordPress Hacks

5000 readers of WordPress hacks enjoy blogging tips and tricks, wordpress guides, themes, plugins, frameworks and more! Known as @hackwordpress on Twitter.

Theme Lab

These guys haven’t got much readers – a few over a thousand, but the theme reviews they publish are so cool! Their latest “Theme Battle” series is awsome, plus they’ve got a list of nice WordPress resources every week. This is a must-subscribe, @themelab on Twitter.

WPMU Tutorials

Everything you need to know about WordPress MU and BuddyPress. Installation tips, modifications, hacks, tricks and explenations. Here’s the latest:

That’s about it, some other less popular (or less fortunate ;) blogs you may find interesting are:

And of course if you’ve anything to add to this list, please share via comments.

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